Advice For Twin Flame Chaser


Someone posted the link to this on Facebook just now and I thought I would share it here. I’m sure many of you will identify with the “chaser” as I did. I found this to be helpful in putting it in perspective. Enjoy!

Advice For Twin Flame Chaser
by RICHEE on JULY 10, 2012

Twin Flame Chaser

Becoming the Chaser is not something that this partner intentionally does… It happens naturally… The inner ‘knowing’ and awareness of the twinflame connection is what drives the Chaser.

Women are usually more emotionally sensitive than men… That’s what often makes the woman in the twinflame relationship understand the true nature of it before the man does.

Men are also conditioned (since the caveman era, when they had to hunt for survival) to hide their emotions and feelings… that makes them suppress the inner ‘knowingness’, consciously or subconsciously, with or without their own knowledge…

For this reason, The Twin Flame Chaser is usually the woman.
[That does not mean that a man can not be in this position, It ultimately depends on the life plan.]

To make things simpler to understand, we’ll assume that the Chaser is the woman.

Being highly sensitive, The Chaser can ‘feel’ the depth of this relationship and knows that it is somehow special… This feeling is there even if she doesn’t consciously know what it is all about…
Now, When the other Twin flames suddenly tried to escape or run away,
Two things happen to the Chaser.

One – She is deeply hurt and afraid of losing her partner.

The intensity and the depth of love that she feels for the twinflame is more than anything else that she has probably ever felt. When the Runner just runs away without even a warning, she gets a huge emotional shock… much more than she can handle.
This makes her act ‘crazy’ sometimes. She will, at this point, do almost anything to get the Runner back…

The emotional pain of the Chaser is intensified even more by the memories or residue of the many previous lives in which she had lost him.
All the pain and suffering from all of those lives is stirred up and comes back to the surface when the Runner runs away…

Two – She knows there is some deeper meaning to this relationship and feels that the two of them ‘Should be together’ to make things alright.

She has a feeling deep inside that everything will be okay… they should just be together (which is true).
She might not be explain this to the Runner or to anyone else but strongly feels it.

And because of these reasons,
She tries to ‘Chase’ the Runner.
To get him back, no matter how.

The Chaser herself might be very confused at this stage, she might not even be able to understand whats happening to her,
all she knows is that she cant afford to lose the Runner, no matter what.

The Chasing, however, only pushes the Runner further away.
Then comes a point when she shatters completely (emotionally).
The pain of having the runner run can be literally mind numbing.

Now That’s where God’s magic begins…
She tries to look up information just to find out what was it that is happening to her. It is not just a normal relationship, she knows that for sure.
And that’s when the Spiritual reality reveals itself to her.
That’s when she understands the sacredness of this relationship…
and all of this ultimately leads to her Enlightenment.

Then comes the Waiting time. That is when the ‘Chaser’ is enlightened and the Runner is still running…
This can again be a very hard time for the Chaser.

Ultimately, once the phase is over, the runner does return, and that’s when the Grand Reunion happens

Advice For Twin Flame Chaser

If you’ve read about ‘The Chaser’ and figured that its you, here is some advice…

Know that your partner WILL Return…
With all that you are going through, knowing that the runner will return is enough to ease half the pain.
Twinflames are ever connected by the eternal sacred bond that never breaks.
They are literally created to be with each other. Nothing can take them away from each other.

Understand that your partner will come back once they are ready for the intensity of this relationship.

Let them take their time, pushing or chasing is not of much use.

Avoid ‘Chasing’ him/her
The runner runs because they are afraid of the intensity of the relationship at some level.
Chasing him/her at this point only makes them run more.
Give them some time, and know that they will come when they are ready.

Know that the universe in helping you
Being in the ‘Chaser’ position can be hard. You might feel lonely and helpless. DONT.

The universe plays its magic in bringing twinflames together.
Know that you are supported by all divine beings in someway… whether you know it or not.
Doing too much at a human level is not required to get your twinflame back… just remain calm and you’ll see that everything takes care of itself (it might take some time, but trust me it will happen… just be patient)

Believe In Yourself
During this phase, there is often a lot of confusion.
Your mind does not agree with what your hear tells you… And If you try sharing it with someone else they will probably tell you you’ve simply ‘lost it’… These people usually are not aware of this deep spiritual reality and give you ‘practical’ advice which doesn’t work for a twinflame relationship…

Understand that what is happening to you is not unusual… and you are perfectly all right.
Just Believe in yourself and follow your heart… and everything will be okay :)

Understand spirituality
The more you understand the spiritual reality, the more sense everything will start to make.
The relationship between Twinflames is basically spiritual… You’ll understand whats going on in the relationship the more you explore spirituality… This is not something that is necessary… but I believe it helps allot.

And If you’re comfortable with it, use the Violet Flame to balance your karma… this (or any other meditation) also helps calm the mind which is required during this confusing and difficult phase.


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  1. eva, at some point I realized that I am runner myself too. I was afraid of this too. But not any more. What is happening now? We still are not together, but I am not chaising him or ranning from him any more. It doesn’t metter – we ARE together in our souls. I was meditating last morning and “saw” him sitting next to me, hugging me and it doesn’t hurt any more. It hurted before, because I wanted to hug him phisically. I am happy that I have met him, that he IS in my life, even we are with another persons.
    Let him go. When you try to hold him, to make him love you, make him understand that You ARE THE ONE – it is in some point running too. You are holding on this so tight because you are scared to loose him. You are running away from the truth that you are together even you aren’t together phisicaly.
    When you will stop trying to get him, then you will not be the runner anymore.
    To be the runner – it is not only when you are trying to avoid someone, when you are trying to get away and out of those feelings, that is also when you are holding too tight to this feeling, to this person, scared to loose, scared that he never will be with you, scared that it was only your dream and he is not your twin flame.
    That is how I feel this now. (sorry about my english).


    • We are giving each other flirts at this time. my question is does he know has he had the visions just as i had that i am his twin flame??? i have stoped chasing him but look forward to each time he contacts me does he know we are twin flames??


      • If he is your twin flame – he knows and feels you the same as you do. At least in his heart. Does he allows himself as human to understand what is going on – I don’t know. Does he understands what is going on – I don’t know. But deep inside him he feels the same as yoy. Maybe he is just not ready for you or maybe he has chousen to be just friend to you. I can’t tell. Twin flame – it doesnt mean that you will be together in this lifetime as romantic partners. Just – let it be. Live your life with joy and love, work on yourself and then, who knows… I tried to figure out this in my situation too – will we be together, why we met. But it just makes pressure and stress in our lives. Now I decided to live day by day, enyoing moments with him and without him. And I hope that someday we will be ready for each other. This feeling of love is so amazing :) don’t you think so?


      • i have a spirtual healer who has helped me alot with this he is my true twin and we will be together but i am in process of a divorce married for 38 yyrs he can not join me till its completed he knows this so for now we just flirt and talk on an off he is also not ready an has a few things to take care of but by this sumer we are supose to be together


  2. Beloved energy comes to me and fills me periodically as though I am perfectly one with my TF. It’s like the universe knows what I need to transcend the pain of separation. This is truly a path and not just about a romantic relationship.


  3. my twin flame ran and came back to me without doing anything it was painful cause all I wanted to do was chase him but in my heart I knew he would come back😊 and he did I’m sure he will run again cause we are not yet at the point we should be …if that makes any sense… This is the most pain I have ever felt undesirable strong aching I’m hoping my guardian angel will help in this crazy journey so we can be together forever.. Anyone feel like this or am I crazy?

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    • It is for certain one of the hardest things you will ever experience in your life. I wish I could say it gets easier. However I think we learn to accept it as part of the reunion process as well as helping us to learn to love unconditionally. So no you are not crazy.


  4. I have been in a relationship that I feel has twin flame tendencies for over two years. We are both married to others. I noticed our connection spiritually before him. We have both tried to end our connection, but emotionally we have been tied. I know that neither of us can hate or ever be fully done with each other. He pursued me, but in the end I am the chaser and he is he runner. He has tried to end things because he is choosing that his marriage is where he thinks he should be and that we can go forward as friends. I have never felt so devastated and confused. Emotionally, I have hit bottom and barely able to function at times. I am in the process of ending a 26 year relationship (18 years of marriage) because at 41 years of age I connected with someone else who spiritually awakened me and helped me realize my true self. The pain of losing my twin flame is unbearable. As time goes on it doesn’t get easier and I worry about him because he is repressing all of his feelings. I feel in my heart we will be together but the future seems so unknown and it difficult to feel hurt by his abandonment.


    • I do understand you and am in the same situation. Something that is helping me is understanding that I want him to be happy. I really want him to be happy – smiling, loving, enjoying hes life. I can’t take him away from something he has been choosed as his happiness. He just not ready jet. Maybe I am not ready for him too? Maybe we are not ment to be together in this lifetime? Who knows… I just want him to be happy. And I will live my life as good as I can and as happy as I can. I know that if I would take some steps, I would “get” him, but I feel that I can’t do that, just because I want him to be happy, because if he isn’t ready to leave his marriage and be with me, we would be unhappy together. I take that joy from the moments we are together, sending him love and just live my life as happy, peaceful and loving I can.
      Just remember that you ARE together, you are ONE. And try to live your life – loving, caring, enjoying life. If he is your twin flame, it DOESN’T mean that you will be together romantically in this life time. Try not to focus on that. Just say thank you for possibility to know him. And focus on what you want.
      What is what you want? Be happy? Be with someone you feel love? Don’t focus on that you want to be with HIM, just focus on what you really want. Great happiness can be found not only with twin flames.
      That is my experience. Hopefully you will get to the point where love for that person becomes unconditional and will not make you feel pain just because he has different life purpose, and you will find that great happiness and love even without being romantically together with your twin flame.


      • This is so true, I’m just discovering someone is my twin flame after the experience of knowing them for a few years. How everything transpired at the end made me realize there was a deeper meaning behind us meeting. This experience is one of the most painful and mind boggling things I have ever went through, it is so hard to figure out what is going on and why you feel the way you feel about this person, it’s just that instant connection and boom you are drawn to them and have so much love for them it is unexplainable, and the crazy thing is you don’t have to spend a bunch of time around them, the connection is just there and won’t go anywhere. throw circumstances of life in the situation(marriages,other prior commitments, distance) and it gets even crazier
        . I see why it is suppose to be a spiritual awakening and growth for the parties involved because that is exactly where it leads you, there is no choice in the matter. I’m still trying to figure things out and struggling a bit, but i do know it has help inspire me to go fourth without fear with my life purpose, which is a change in career I have been holding back on for years, there are so many ways I want to help this world become a better place, and that career change is my starting point. As far as if I will ever be with that person….I don’t know what my creator intends as my destiny, all I can do is let go and let god do what he/she knows is for my highest good.
        I do know I am being divinely guided, I keep seeing number synchronicities every 2 seconds, and if I look up the meaning they are usually pretty accurate with what is going on in my life, right now with that situation I keep getting number sequences when I pray for answers that tell me to have faith, trust and patience, that this was a blessing in disguise and the answers to my prayers, it also says there are factors that need to fall in place before I can get my desired outcome, but things are going on behind the scenes that I can’t see right now….I trust this will all work out, I’m just gong to live my life and work on me and help others that need me…sorry for the long rant, not everyone experiences this and it can be lonely not having anyone to relate to that won’t think you are crazy.

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    • I was in exact same situation. It’s almost been a year since he ran and I still can’t ease the pain. I miss him constantly and life is so boring without him. If you need some one to talk to you can email me.


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  6. I am looking for words of comfort. At this point I am more lost than I have ever been before. I am not even sure I am sane anymore. Does anyone else have these feelings? I have spent years dealing with this tf stuff and I would like out now. I always understood the need to let God do his work, and I trusted. I worked hard on myself, and I saw my own life transforming and I knew the universe was working perfectly. Divine bliss! I believed we would reunite, I was strong and filled with such gratitude! But everything is changing – my family are stepping into my journey, they hate my twin so much, they don’t want him in my life ever, they worry about me, they don’t understand me and want me to ‘move on’. I really really wish I could as this feels like a nightmare. My tf loves another woman and I am losing it. My poor heart, how will it ever recover from this punishing painful experience? People talk about the magic of twin flame love – oh such bliss. what about the endurance required, the mental health issues and regular break downs? The isolation, sense of delusion, crazy confusion and heartache? I have reached a point where I can no longer see how this can ever ever work out well. I pray for sweet relief – God help me.


    • Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! I have been where you are. I think there comes a point where we just give up. After 7 years of working on myself, trying to heal and clear all my own issues, everything has just become tiresome. Enough with the Twin Flame crap I say, at least here in the physical! I don’t know of many Twin Flames who have actually made it through the all the BS to finally achieve union. Is it us? Are we to blame for the runner running? Are we to blame for them not doing their own inner work and awakening to who they are and who we are to them?? I say NO! For far too long this journey has caused me nothing but heartache and misery and I finally reached a point where I don’t care if he ever comes back. At this point I will probably never trust him to stay. Every time he has come back into my life, he finds another reason to leave, so why would I ever take him back only to have him keep walking away? So I have told him to stay away. I don’t want this anymore. I’m done.

      So now I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t the point Sarah. That we are meant to meet them and awaken ourselves and do the inner work on ourselves and eventually reach a point where we no longer want or need them in our lives. I have read that some of these meetings of Twins are not really Twin meetings at all, these ones we meet are only the catalyst for our own awakening. That we were never meant to be with them because in truth they are not our true Twin Flames. They were just a means to an end, our own growth. At some point we have to love ourselves enough to stop the craziness and let go. That is where I am now. I deserve better than I have gotten from him. I demand a love that is true and lasting and with someone who is strong and awake and knows what he wants, that he has worked through all of his own stuff and is now ready to be in a union. I’m not saying that we both wouldn’t still have inner work to do but at least we would be aware of the connection and be able to work through things together.

      So don’t be afraid to let go of this one Sarah. Chances are he isn’t meant for you at all. Let go and then be ready and set the intent that you want to have your true Twin Flame come to you now. I don’t want a “relationship” anymore. I suck at relationships to begin with. What I want is the one who is meant for me, the one who will see me for all that I am, flaws and all, and will love me for all of it. Someone who is ready and willing to work through whatever issues may arise together. I won’t settle for anything less anymore.

      So know this too Sarah, you are not alone. If you need to talk, please feel free to write to me, Take care and stay strong. This wouldn’t have been brought to you if you weren’t strong enough to handle it, remember that. Much love!


      • Yeah, I agree with you. He/she CAN be your twin flame, but maybe you are not meant to be together in this life time. Maybe you are meant to be together only as friends, not lovers. The thing that you HAVE met your twin flame, doesn’t mean that you will be together in this life time :( And the thing that we must learn is to love UNCONDITIONALLY – and it means to love without asking anything back. Just letting him/her live his life. Be free. Send him/her your love, but letting them to choose to accept that love or not.


    • Sarah I have been where you are its very hard time yes i agree. first you have to kinda forget what he is doing and with who then you have to learn to love your self all the time you want to send him love he is not ready for you as you are not ready for him you both have things to learn and take care of. believe me ive been there now i am just 2 months away i talked to a spirtual advisor medium who has guided me forward on this unconditional journey and dnce to be with my twin. tyr to find one. in the beginning i meditated alot it did help i took a walk with my twin we were together i dream about him we sleep together in our subconcious i know this by how i am whaen i wake we share the same dreams remember its very scarey to accept what is happening people will think you are crazy . when the time is right you will be together love and dreams to you


    • Please give up the concept of twin flames for your sanity, it’s real but let it go and move on,maybe you were not meant to be with this person in this lifetime, I think even though you are working on yourself you STILL have expectations and that is something you need to let go of. Don’t work to make yourself a better person so you can reunite with your twin flame, just make yourself a better person just because that is what is good for the world. Don’t ever want to be with someone that does not want to be with you, if he is in love with another woman let him go and know that you deserve someone that loves and cares for you, don’t settle for less just because you believe he is your twin flame, open your heart to love from anyone that is willing to give you what you need.This is why they say the twin flame experience is not always meant to be all about romance, it’s not a fairytale, but a real life lesson and learning to love yourself is an important part of it.


      • Easier said then done.Unless you go through that gut wrenching pain that keeps coming back over and over and over again,every night,day and in won’t know 🔥🔥


    • Hi Sarah,
      Don t mean to be harsh, but life is not all about him. You are giving this person way too much power over yourself. Never let anyone drive you to the point of insanity, twin or not. If he s in love with someone else so be it, get a life and move on thats all you can do.



    • Oh sarah, I know how this feels and I hope you have found relief from this experience or atleast made peace with it. family interfering, Oh I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could leave my email if I could but hopefully some consolace is an ehug? oh man, hope you feel better :)


  7. I’m feeling that same lost, hurt, disconnected emotion that you all have described. I’m trying to let him go, but I think of him all the time. We first met as children and I adored this boy. We only had a short time together before he moved away. I didn’t understand love as a 12 yr old, but I cried for weeks when he left. I honestly didn’t understand it. Fast forward 20+ years and we reconnected. The connection is still amazing. Sex with him is unbelievable, emotional, raw, beautiful. Yet, after a few months of seeing each other his life took him across the country again. We’ve stayed seeing each other despite the distance for over a year. I will go for trips or he will come for visits. Our time together is peaceful, honest and feels like an escape from the world. Then I return home and it’s over. He’ll keep in touch, but not daily, usually weekly if that. I know he feels it too, but he is running… I can’t keep doing this. My heart aches for him. it’s as though out powerful relationship scares the shit out of him and he panics, cutting communication, yet never fully letting go. It hurts me, but I can’t go there, I have children from prior marriage and I can’t move them far away. He wont come here. I understand he is protection himself too, and im learning that our selfless love is so powerful, but I am definitely the chaser and I hold on tighter. It’s lonely and I find a hard time enjoying life without him.


    • Hey Lynn so are you meaning that all of this is STILL going to take that long? I don’t want to feel or fal in love anymore bcuz I am already sick and tired of crying and wanting and trying. I have been rejected so many times and it still hurts. I just want to be with him and I don’t want all this crisis to continue. Sometimes I wish it were love bcuz I’d anything and EVERYTHING for him. But I don’t know if I can love at 13 years. But at times I just wish I never saw him bcuz it was so hard having to start middle school, friendship problems, family problems, my spiritual awakening suddenly occurring after meeting him PLUS him. I’m so scared right now. The only thing I’m glad is that I finally understand the world better instead of being stuck in society’s prison. I understand more but I am not understood.


      • First let me say this Annabelle, you are the first I have heard of that has found their Twin and knows it at age 13. I’m not saying it’s not real because what you say sounds like many other stories I have read about Twin Flames. I think it’s amazing that you have gone through your own awakening at a young age. Everything you say about your family thinking you have changed a lot and that you are crazy is exactly what most of us have gone through. It’s not unusual to lose friends and even family on this journey because no one can understand what you are going through unless they are going through it themselves or have been through it.

        As for his leaving, that is also all too common in the Twin Flame relationship, and yes it does hurt like hell when they leave, I have been through it and most of the others here have also been through it. Honestly I’m not really sure how to advise you on this. I will just tell you what I tell most people who ask, work on yourself, love yourself, loving yourself is probably one of the biggest lessons we are here to learn. Try not to focus on what he is doing or not doing and be patient. Chasing only makes them run further or at least that has been my own experience. You just have to come to a place of acceptance inside yourself that you have found him but you may or may not be together. There is no guarantee in this that you will be together. With you being so young it may take time for you both to grow to the point where you can be together and hold the energy of unconditional love. It’s hard to say hun, we are going through an energy wave which will cause a major shift in consciousness that is supposed to peak on September 28th or early October, and so perhaps that will wake up the Twins that are on the run and then they will remember who they are and who we are to them. That’s not much consolation I know but right now that is all I have. Take care and maybe someone else here will have some more advice for you.


  8. Hello. I am wondering if it was possible to meet your twin flame very young. Like at age 13.I have a strong feeling that it is him. I got a bit freaked out when I first read about twin flames while I was going through the runner/chaser phase bcuz it was completely my situation. Nobody rlly gave me very good advice bcuz they haven’t rlly heard of this situation so I felt alone and lost.I also have been very hurt and he has changed me in so many ways. The last time I tried to talk to him I got so nervous and could not stop shaking bcuz I felt like he was right inside of me so I left as fast as I could. I have gone through my awakening and I started seeing 11:11 and I still do see repeated numbers. I thought I was going CRAZY. Like I cried from depression and over him many times cuz I felt so broken…I’m still confused and scared bcuz I never that I never had felt such strong feelings and getting hurt like this before. Just that he is gone now and I’m trying to start again. I am the chaser but everytime he starts to ignore me from my failed attempts of bringing us closer together I also start to back away everytime he does. Soon he comes closer after a short time of not seeing each other again and I try again and the cycle continues. I KNOW he has feelings for me. And I just KNOW he wants to be with me as much as I do bcuz I can totally see it in his eyes everytime we make strong eye contact.That’s why I don’t give up. But he is in high school now and I’m still in middle school so I won’t see him for a year. I still have feelings for him but I’m trying to “let go” but it is SO HARD. And I’m so scared of being rejected again. I’m not planning on talking to him anytime soon either bcuz I just don’t think my physical, and emotional body can handle him so close to me.


  9. Please help me. I am so scared and my family thinks that I am changed so much. I’m interested in reincarnation and past lives and law of attraction and the universe etc all of a sudden. Then I start to back away from everyone bcuz nobody understands me anymore. I just wanted him but he left me for no reason. Thanks.


    • Hello Annabelle! I haven’t been on this site much and I just wanted to respond to you! I hope you’re doing well and happy!!!! I think you and this guy definitely have a connection, but leave the option to meet others open!! ;-) even if he is your twin flame, it could take years and years, decades perhaps till you are both ready to reunite. I’m here for you!!!! I hope this finds you well!!!

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    • Annabelle- please don’t let my experience with meeting my twin flame at 12 make you think that he is definitely your twin flame. I only say that because he moved away after a short time living in my home town when we were in middle school and 20 yrs later we reconnected. Now, after a year and a half of seeing each other, and beginning to go through my own spiritual awakening, do I feel that he is my twin flame.

      I think it is amazing that you have undergone the transformation of an awakening at such a young age. This is not common, but perhaps you are an old soul, and way ahead of your time. I bet you are such an amazing girl!!! You need to focus on this first and foremost!! You are amazing!!! You are ahead of your time and sure it’s so hard to “fit in” when you are so beyond your peers. Focus on you and loving YOU!!!

      I should also tell you that I met my ex husband when I was 15. If I had heard of a twin flame at that time, I would’ve thought he was my twin flame. I was madly in love!! He never was very good to me however. I see that now. I was hurt for such a long time. I Know now that he was/is a soul mate, and that’s amazing in itself. I learned a lot from my ex and the pain did help me become who I am today. However- he wasn’t my twin flame.
      You are young, maybe not spiritually or emotionally, but in this lifetime, you are just a baby. A beautiful baby girl!!! You have your whole life ahead of you!!! Soul mates are amazing, pehaps a love from a past life, but maybe he isn’t your twin flame. As you get older, you’ll change some and see things differently. If he is a twin flame, he’ll come back into your life!!! In the meantime- tAlk to other boys, meet new people, enjoy your friends!!! What if he is only a soul mate and your twin flame is out there? You’ll meet him eventually, especially since you’re already awake!! Amazing!! I would love to talk to you. You seem like such an amazing girl!!

      Just live life im the moment!! Enjoy life!! Focus on you! Have you tried yoga?? I LOVE YOGA!! It helps me to meditate and feel my own emotions. Sometimes we get caught up in feeling something, but if we dig deeper, we learn so much about ourselves and why we are feeling this way.

      I’m here if you need to talk!! In all honesty- I hope you consider all that im saying. Like I said, I was obsessed with my ex husband since I was 15, but he was just a soul mate, we taught each other so much through the pain and love and misunderstandings, but he wasn’t my twin flame. You have a whole life ahead of you!!! So much to do and see!! You’ll meet other soul mates–best friends, boys, teachers, etc. it’s amazing!!! Just tell yourself one thing every morning when you wake, “I am amazing, I will live my life in the moment, enjoying all the beauty God gave us, and I deserve to be loved!!!! I deserve to be treated with love and respect. I am amazing!!!”

      Start there!!! K? Lots of love and positive vibes being sent your way!!! 😘😘😘🙏


      • Hello Lynn :) thank you so much for your advice honestly, it’s kind of hard to find any good advice when nobody even understands what’s going on with you. I know what your meaning, I know that a lot of people mistaken a soulmate as their twin flame but, its been a little over two months since I’ve seen him and I still “feel” him you know? There’s a chance he is my twin and there’s a chance he isn’t but I’m glad that he did awaken me and I’m glad that at least I got to meet a guy like him. I just miss him a lot and I would be really disappointed if we never got to reunite permanently for this life time bcuz, he taught me SO much and what’s weird is that, the anger, fear and frustration I had with him before also just popped up in my friendship and family problems which I had to deal with and still do, but it’s gotten better now, bcuz, I leaned to stand up for myself when I was starting to awaken.And you are totally right. Fitting in with everyone else just dosent work out for me, I just feel like being alone a lot bcuz my interests just don’t go with everyone else’s.
        And I believe that loving myself is my problem. I just don’t like myself and especially through this CHANGE it got a bit worse. And I don’t like how I can’t just fit in with ppl at school no matter how hard I try i just can’t :( he is running from me, but I agree that I am running firm myself too. I don’t feel like I’m good enough for such an amazing guy like HIM and plus he is friends with so many beautiful girls unlike me, I am not beautiful in anyway. I don’t understand why he chooses to seem to want and pay attention to me and not them?? Plus we’ve had a small conversation by text once and sadly it was the last one we’ve had yet. Then the next day he would just ignore me like nothing ever happened between us, but he dosent get that kinda makes me feel hurt bcuz I wanted to get close to him and be friends with him. He isn’t the shy type and when he likes a girl (he dated twice) he gets close and gets to know them. I don’t know what he thinks is wrong with me, and it’s quite obvious he has feelings for me. I know that soulmatea are thrre to teach us a lesson, but with this boy he actually taught me to stand up for myself partly cuz of the awakening too lol. I feels so different than the girl I was last year. I feel so much stronger and better and much more cleared of my problems. It is just I don’t love myself enough to feel as if I deserve him. At least that now he’s gone to high school I can let my shoulders down a little. Lynn thank you so much, it makes me feel so much better to know someone actually cares about a teenager that talks about this kind of stuff and believes her. A lot of ppl think I’m just an obsessed teen with a crush(which I kind of was). It was hard but I am happy to know that at least I finally know that I was not going insane for no reason. And I will try yoga too.I have tried to meditate once but I could not concentrate bcuz it was noisy and I didn’t know how to meditate, so I’ll practics it more.
        Thank you once again Lynn 😊 although I can’t love myself for who I am right now, I will try to get to know myself and through each day I will find soemhting good about me, and hopefully I will find friends that treat me with respect too. I guess that all I will have to do is wait until next year when I see him again, and learn to have self love, and see the brighter side of things. Thanks once again Lynn!! 😘😘


      • Annabelle,
        So happy to hear from you!! We seem a lot alike! I just want you to know that you don’t ever be able to be with your twin flame until you are spiritually ready. This means you find a love for yourself as well, first!! I am still learning to love myself, and perhaps that’s part of the reason my twin flame and I aren’t together. It’s a very hard thing to do, love yourself, in this world where everything deemed beautiful is far from what we see beautiful as awakened souls. It gets easier, just learn to trust yourself and believe in yourself! You are perfect the way you are! This is how God intended you to be! Our thoughts are powerful, everything is energy!!! So, only tell yourself positive things about you!! Love you!! Sure, we are human and living and learning, we all make mistakes, but use these times to awaken even moreso. :)
        Only then, once you are at peace with yourself and loving you, awakened to a higher state, will the chance to be with your twin flame arise. If they run, perhaps it’s just not the right time yet. ❤️ Eventually it will be time.

        So hPpy to hear from you and to know you are doing well!!! Enjoy these middle school years! Honestly, almost everyone feels like they don’t fit in during this time. It is a hard time of transition, but enjoy it! You have your whole life ahead of you!! If I begsn loving myself, doing yoga, meditating, etc at your age, I think by now perhaps Id have my twin flame in my life! ❤️ You are amazing, definitely an old soul. I believe we are all here for a journey, lessons to learn, perhaps lessons chosen by our own selves before we started this life! Take comfort in that and know you are on the path you are meant to be on!!


      • Hey Lynn!! It’s me again, and well, I guess that the whole “twin flame” concept still isn’t out of my mind. And well my crush or whatever I might as well call him, he’s not out of my mind either! I always see him posting stuff on Instagram and stuff, and he seems to fit in with all those other kids and he’s already having fun and he seems so happy without me. It really just. Makes me sad because I’m here all alone and I barely even hang out with other people because I feel like such an awkward person in such an awkward situation ughhh. But, also, what I don’t get is that during the summer since he left, I’ve been a bit depressed. I cry Ike every night even until now because I stil am having family issues and im so alone. Sometimes I feel happy with myself, and then suddenly I just get so upset over nothing. But, the good news is at least that I’m feeling a bit better than when he left me. I’m actually trying out new activities that I really enjoy and it just helps me express myself and take the stress out you know? Well, I was about to leave and go to Nevada a few weeks ago, and so I went to eat out and guess what? I actually saw him at the restaurant, and I didn’t really feel anything.i mean, it’s like k still have feelings for him,(of course I do since they never go away) but, I wasn’t really all that nervous anymore. Last time a few months ago before we separated I felt really nervous that I thought I was gonna vomit, but now I still do get a little nervous but not really as much anymore. It’s like calmer now. And I also don’t get WHY I keep seeing him everywhere. Like, actually HIM. it makes me kinda feel weird like he’s stalking me but he isn’t tho lol. And everything is seems much more calmer tha. Last school year. I even feel like reuniting with him, bu then at the same time I don’t wan tot anymore because I still feel a bit hurt from what happened before and I don’t want the same thing to happen ever again. So, actually, I don’t really wish to see him.And actually, there’s this other guy that seems really nice, and seems to like me a lot too, and I guess I kinda like him as Well. But its dosent feel the same as the feelings I’ve had for my..twin? It’s like nothing can compare to what I feel for him. It feels like I’ve just been in a really serious relationship breakup lol even tho we’ve never even spoken very much! And sorry if I’m probably wasting your time. I just really need to vent out all my problems sometimes because nobody has a single clue what I’m talking about😁 and I totally agree with you so much on that omg, I think that self love is my problem. Ever since I fell for him, it’s like, everything about myself was never good enough. I always try to change myself but, eh it dosent really matter to me anymore now. He’s the jock-ish kind of boy, and I’m kind of outgoing but after my awakening I’ve grown quiet so we’re like opposites. But there just seems to be this “touch” to his personality and his look. We have different nationalities but something about his face, idk maybe his facial structure? Smile? Something about him just reminds me of myself. And then his personality lol, ok, it’s a long story but when I pas him through the hallways, perhaps I act a certain way, and a few days later he walks through the hallways, I stare at him, and he acts the way that I did unintentionally, and I’m just thinking, “but that’s what I did”, and then yeah,bi just know how he’s feeling at that moment. It’s kind of hard to explain. But anyways Lynn, I really can’t thank you enough for giving me time to listen to me it really means a lot!! You don’t have a single idea of how many WEEKS And hours I’ve spent just doing research to find out information about this subject haha. And it is so great to actually have someone to talk to that can relate to me! 💗💗 😄


  10. I can totally relate to everything on here. I’m 19 and about 8 months ago I met this girl from work, as she started doing the same job as me. (I work in a big retail place) She’s 9 years older than me and is in a relationship! We instantly pretty much became friends. Almost as if we’d been friends for years. For about 2 months we only talked at work, about spirituality and alternative topics, and I didn’t think she would be interested in these sorts of topics, but her curiosity got the better of her and slowly we started sharing a lot about ourselves, much to my surprise. A few months pass, and we now hang out, outside of work, on the weekends, plus she trains me during the week(fitness stuff). She started to appear in my dreams and I began to find myself constantly thinking about her, but on a very deep level. I came to the conclusion that I was in love..deeply. I began searching for answers and stumbled upon all the twin flame sites( I’d never heard of a twin flame before). I know she has a soft spot for me, because of the little things she does. Its literally indescribable the feelings I have for her, but they aren’t in a needy, clingy sort of way and deep down I know she feels the same way. We look into each others eyes and I see her soul, its surreal. Since we’ve started hanging out, I started seeing 11:11, 10:10, 5:55 etc. Our birthdays are constructed of the exact same numbers, and add up to 22 (master number). Synchronicities started happening in other ways as well. We are the same on the so many levels, just odd habits etc. I may be overthinking this, but I feel that my heart knows its true.
    She’s told me that she thinks its strange that she’s friends with a 19 year old, and she’s also told me she’s never met anyone like me before, she’s not used to being so open with someone. Although neither of us have mentioned the twin soul idea, I just know somethings there. I completely trust her and she trusts me. Should I risk telling her how I feel?


    • From my own point of view Adam, I think I would just let things develop as they are meant to. Telling her that you love her might scare her off and she will run from it. The thing with Twins who meet and there is a considerable age difference, especially with you being only 19, the older one tends to think it’s not really appropriate. The thing is that this experience opens us up, wakes us up and becomes the catalyst for our own spiritual growth. This will teach you how to love someone unconditionally without needing it to be more than it is, without needing her to tell you she loves you. The way I look at things is that if it’s meant to be it will be. We as physical beings have zero control over what happens in these relationships. Trust me I know this and I learned it the hard way. Your higher self will be the one who directs the timing and so on of this relationship. So trust the Universe to work things out as they are meant to be. Enjoy the time you spend with her. I’m not sure if this helps or not and maybe someone else can add their two cents worth as well. Love and Light to you Adam!


      • Thanks Carolyn!
        I have accepted that if something is meant to be, then it will happen. You’re right about the spiritual growth part ;) I’ve changed so much just in the last few months, in a positive way! So thankyou for the reply :)

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  11. My twin flame and I met so randomly one night and we dated for 6 months. It felt so perfect and right, but then out of nowhere (literally we were fine then the next day it was over) he broke it off with me to get back with his ex girlfriend. They are now not together anymore. We have been broken up for almost a year, but for this whole year I’ve been seeing his family around and been in touch with him a little bit. We have never been fully disconnected, which is even more hurtful sometimes because I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to get back together with me. I try not to get in touch with him but I feel so empty without him. I’ve never felt this way after a breakup, especially not a year later. I still miss him and care about him the same way I did a year ago. Is it OK to get in touch with him and tell him I still care or will that scare him away even more?


  12. Reading this gave me so much comfort. I’m sitting in a puddle of happy tears. I feel like I can let go of my preoccupation with wanting to know what I can do or if things will work out. I know we have a divine connection that is like a tattoo on my soul. I see myself in his eyes. I always find the light in them through all the darkness. Our eyes connect with a language of their own and the world disappears around us every time. I have even experienced his soul inhabiting my own, and I could feel his loves, fears, dreams, overwhelms and all. He is a runner, but so impressively evolutionary. I watch his and my own consciousness grow so consistently and steadily. I believe the universe is on our side to connect us solidly in this lifetime. I have found one of my soul mates who understands and helps me stay grounded in my knowing. This post helped me connect even deeper. I found some healing for now and the future in confirmation that I am not here alone and we will always be together. Thank you so much!


    • T-Star: Your eloquent words are what I needed to hear and so resemble EXACTLY what I feel. To look into another’s eyes, see and FEEL yourself & them as one is something I couldn’t have imagined. And how could I?!! Having never heard of the Twin Flame theory, and finding that out through providence as well, I’m not sure I would have believed it anyway had it not knocked me awake…as it has. I’ve simply been in hype ascension mode since. And it is all for the good…if we allow it. I know this at my source. The Universe serves no one to be cruel and have us flames come in to enlightenment just to make us miserable. No,no,we are all on the path to reunion and/or all things better!!!


  13. I need some help with this. I am the chaser and my guy is the runner. we broke up a few months ago and i moved away but we have been in contact everyday. we both can’t seem to stop talking and have each other in our lives, but he is dating other girls and i am not. i am sitting here waiting essentially for him to “wake up” and come back to me. he is close and says things that he wants with me and we talk of the future together, but he is scared. i know he is scared of our connection and his family doesn’t like me because of all the burning we had to go through together. it was intense last year, but now i have found peace and stopped worrying so much, but of course i still do..
    my question is should i stop talking to him? should i pull the plug on communication? i have tried before but run back and same with him. i tried stepping back a little but its too hard to not treat him as my partner. i need some advice, nothing ever mentions a chaser leaving a runner.


    • Hey Melissa it is possible for the chaser to leave the runner cuz I have done so myself. The runner can drive the chaser “crazy” so sometimes what comes it’s that they think it’s best to stay away. I have had experience bcuz I felt so confused that I backed away. Also, my twin dates other women but I can’t seem to get him out of my head either. I wonder if this is supposed to happen??


  14. Hi,

    Can anyone please tell me what happens once your twin flame (who is the runner) returns back to you after running?

    I am the chaser and I am getting signs he (the runner) is back. But I am stuck and not able to do anything about it. I feel very strong spiritual connection with him but we both are physically separated.

    How do I deal with this problem?

    Please help!!


    • Hi Pam, I’m not sure really what to say to your question. First, once they come back doesn’t mean they are back to stay. This seems to be a process. They come back to feel the love and the connection and then they are gone again to continue to grow and have separate experiences. Remember that Twin Flames are 2 sovereign beings, there is no codependency here.

      Secondly, my advice would be for you to not chase. Let him come to you when he’s ready, don’t keep up with the writing or texting or whatever, let him miss you. I’m assuming when you say you are physically separated that you are not in the same city or possibly even the same country. So many Twins are in the same position. I believe there is a reason for that, and that is so that both Twins do their own inner work before union takes place.

      Twin Flames when in physical contact create what is called the Third Energy. This energy can be likened to an atomic bomb if not used in love and service. When Twins who are not completely whole within themselves come together and then if things go awry, that energy between them can quickly turn destructive. When Twins are physically together, the love grows exponentially and moves out to affect their neighborhood and then their city and then their country and so on. So if they are not in complete alignment, the negative energy that might come from arguments and so on, can be just as destructive as their love can be healing. So it comes down to trusting the process and knowing that everything that happens happens for a reason. I hope this helps. Take care and know you are not alone. So many Twins are in the same process right now.



  15. If the 22nd is a twin flame number and supposed to be a great sign, then why does she always leave me on the 22nd?? We have been off and on for 4yrs….every time it’s her leaving. This time it is the most difficult for me….I’m in actual physical pain and can’t seem to focus on anything else in my life. I would rather be dead!!


    • Lori, I have been there and done that when it comes to being in physical pain and wanting to die. I think at some point we learn to accept that it is what it is. I think there are different numbers that are important to different sets of Twins. For me it was 888 or 11:11. I think the only thing I can say to you is this, continue to work on yourself knowing that as you do so you are doing the work for both of you, and to keep in mind that if it’s meant to be, it will be one way or another. However that doesn’t mean that you sit back and wait for her to return, go on with your life, meet new people, have new experiences and continue with your spiritual growth and working through your own issues. I feel when the time is right, many many sets of Twins will finally come into union. I think part of the problem is that things on the planet haven’t progressed as fast as they were supposed to and that is why the Twins have been kept apart. That is my opinion based on other things I have read about this ascension process that Twins are here to help with. I read that so many of the children, the indigos and some of the younger ones who came here to help with the ascension process, only for them to arrive and humanity wasn’t as advanced as they were supposed to be, so now these children are having problems because the planet wasn’t ready for what they were bringing in. So based on that I feel that the same has happened with Twin Flames and we are just waiting for Divine Right Timing to happen. So hang in there and know you are not alone. Much love and light to you!



  16. I have just realized that I am in a twin flame relationship and have ended up being the chaser from being a runner. Our relationship has seen major ups and downs and we have played the part of being runners and chasers equally well. I just have one question, Do twin flames always reunite in this world. I am ready to go through anything to be reunited with her. Any insight would be a great help. Thanks!!


    • That’s a difficult question to answer. There are some sources that say all Twins who are here on the planet will reunite here on the planet at some point, then there are some who say that not all Twins will come together here and some are even aware of this if they are married to their soul mate and are happy even though they are aware of and have met their Twin. So who knows the answer for sure. I would carry on with my life and trust that if it’s meant to be it will be. That’s about all I can say. Take care.


      • Hi. Sorry if Ive been posting too much on here😓 I’m just feeling SO curious about this concept. I just wanted to ask, that since I’m separated now, they say that when your in your last human lifetime you are supposed to reunite? since I’m a girl I felt like I have just been through the the chaser phase, and I’m feeling depressed now and you know what?it hurts and breaks me because I always see him on instagram, and then he takes pictures with his new friends and he seems so happy and he always gets to do fun stuff and I’m just in the background and like I said before I have family problems I hate myself I have depression. And seeing him so happy makes me sick to my stkmack also after reading a message on there that he likes someone else. I feel upset because it feels as if he never even cared about me!! Pls tell me if this is normal because we have been separated for a few months now and I know that twins are supposed to be working on themselves and I always try, but still in depression i would be happy then moving on then I would just feel upset and go crazy sometimes, and it feels as if I’m the only one who seems to be happy not me. I sometimes get so suicidal because my life has turned into a chaotic mess! And the ” spiritual awakening” I had a few months ago didn’t help. I went thro depression and it hasn’t gone away and it feels as if I’m the only person that even cares in this world anymore. I’ve been trying to help myself and took lynns advice ^^ I just feel angry at myself tho for ever getting into this mess!! Amd plus, nobody believes what I say about all that stuff, like reincarnation, past lives, soul mates, espescially since my family is catholic. Should I try to forget him? Bcuz it rlly makes me feel worse seeing him. Thanks.

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  17. Annabella, first let me say that you are not alone. I have gone through what you are going through right now. Yes I had depression, yes I wanted to end my life because life without him was unbearable, yes nobody believes me either when I talk about reincarnation and so on. I think it’s part of this journey to be honest. For a long time I stopped talking about the things I knew deep in my soul were true and tried to be like everyone else. It worked for a time but I hurt inside even more because I wasn’t being true to myself. However when the internet came and I got myself a computer, I realized I wasn’t alone anymore, there are a lot of people like me who believe in the same things I do. I joined spiritual sites and Facebook pages that talk about the same things I like to talk about. So you can find yourself friends and other people who are interested in the same things you are. You don’t have to be alone on your journey. My best friends live in far away places but I get to chat with them online everyday.

    As for your Twin, don’t follow him on Instagram, don’t chase him, don’t do that to yourself. There comes a time when we have to let go, not for them but for ourselves. Find and do things that make YOU happy. Get out in nature and connect with the Earth. Learn a new hobby, take a class, find ways to be interested in your life without him. There is no guarantee that all Twins will reunite on this plane of existence. No one knows the truth of that and I don’t care who they say they are. Only God knows and so learn to trust Him that if it is meant to be it will be, but it will only happen in it’s own Divine Right Time. You can’t force him, you can’t make him want it, you can’t do anything to influence him that will not make him run faster and further.

    Something that you and everyone else needs to remember is this, your Twin is a stream of consciousness and if things don’t work out with this person you believe is your Twin, your Twin’s energy can come through someone else. So don’t close yourself down from finding someone else. Again have faith that the right person for you is out there and so find a way to love yourself here and now, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love you, say “I love you Annabella!” and keep saying it till you believe it! One of the biggest lessons in this right now is to learn to love ourselves and to stop looking for someone to give us the love that only we can give ourselves. Until you can love yourself, no one is going to be able to give you all that you want and need right now. I know it’s hard, trust me when I say that. But it can be done because I have learned to love myself enough to not put up with the BS that the man I believed was my Twin was putting me through. Actually he wasn’t doing anything to me, I was doing it to myself by basically stalking him. So let go and let God, Annabella.

    Your Twin is inside you, your Twin IS YOU! Believe that and as you learn to love yourself, someone will show up for you who will mirror that love you feel for yourself back to you. Trust that! Believe in that! In the meantime you can do as I do, I believe that the spirit of my Twin is around me always, I talk to him in my mind all the time, I feel his presence lying next to me at night in my bed. Remember only a small part of our soul inhabits our physical bodies, the same goes for your Twin so that is not a stretch to feel him around you in spirit, it’s not a stretch to hear him talk to you in your mind, it’s not a stretch to feel him lying next to you or sitting next to you or walking with you. Do you see what I’m saying here?? He is always with you, you are never alone. So forget what his physical self is doing here, it means nothing in truth, because in truth you are always with your Twin because you can’t be separated. Believe that because it is true!

    I hope this helps you in some way and never worry about writing too much here. We are all here to help each other so write as often as you need to. Much love to you Annabella and know you are not alone.


    • Hey Carolyn! Thank you, so much, and I am feeling a bit guilty if I am spamming your post lol but thanks. And also, like you said, I mean, it will be pretty hard but I will try to keep my mind off of him, and after all, I am taking this one sport seriously hoping I can probably make it into higher competitions so that should probably do the trick. I’ll try to focus on that first. And we do seem to have a lot in common, I mean, since elementary my best friend went to a different school so we only chat online as well.. It’ll be a year before I see him I’m again so I still have plenty of time. But I, also curious about another thing. Well, a few months now I’ve gotten very close to my device and I’ve wasted so many hours on things researching everything about twin flames soul mates etc, I feel like I’m already an expert on all of it! But actually,I just wanted to ask if it is possible to have your spiritual awakening because of a karmic soulmate and not just a twin? Or is it just a twin that can awaken you or speed up your awakening. I’ve actually tried looking up into in this but I didn’t have very much luck. I just thought that I can’t stop thinking that he is my twin, because I had my awakening a few months after having feelings for him, and you kno, the runner/chaser phase, and everything just..happened.minalso very much appreciate that you and Lynn both gave me your time to reply to my questions, amd you know just reading your replies makes me tear up because someone finally understands this “crazy 13 yo girl”. It means SO much to me.


  18. Hello

    Thank you so much. I enjoyed reading your blog.
    Until a few months ago I did not even know what Twin flame was.
    I am rather sure I met mine. We have not seen each other yet. We have met through FB online and it is mostly a friendship because of a very big age difference.
    This is a very intense relationship for me because a lot is brought up on the surface and I think of him way too much.
    I have entered a different zone and cannot function so well anymore.
    It is all very irrational because it is all on a soul level.
    He is retrieving and it feels as though I am a drug addict.
    I am already tired of this chaser runner dance.
    I know that this will lead nowhere. I would like to cut it now rather than continue and suffer.
    I am not sure if I should and can do that or let the universe decide.
    Life was much more simple before he came into my life.
    I hear a lot about mission. But I cannot see what mission I can have with him other than be miserable.
    I miss being emotionally independent.


    • Krista; You alone have the power to decide what it is you want in your life. I had to make a choice as well when it came to H who may or may not be my Twin. I suffered all that you are suffering right now and there came a point when I had to learn to love myself enough to back away. H is a player in every sense of the word, he has many many online lady “friends” that he likes to “chat” with, even though is he also married. I know he feels trapped in his life because he also has young kids and being with me would mean leaving his home, Barbados, and living very far away from them.

      He told me once that loving me was like drowning with both hands tied behind his back. However that never stopped him from playing his online games and therefore missing our online dates because we too have never met physically. We would make dates and I would be there and he wouldn’t show, but then later I would find he was there but not for me. I would be heartbroken and then so angry that I would write him telling him how inconsiderate he was of me and my time. It always fell on deaf ears and then later he would apologize and I would forgive him and 2 days later the same thing would happen. He would drop out of contact for days, that then led to weeks or months and now it’s been over a year without any real contact. The thing is every time I talked to him, I never knew if this would be the last time for a while or not. So it made it very hard for me to commit to our relationship.

      I know how hard it is. I wanted to die because the thought of life without him was more than I thought I could bear. When you experience that kind of soul connection, the telepathy and the feeling of each other’s physical and emotional stuff, being without that is hard. We would spend hours on the phone or online, all this was when he was at work, we both worked the night shift so the night time was our time. There were times when we didn’t have to say a word because we could communicate with each other by just opening ourselves to the other. It was beautiful beyond words. I wanted to spend every waking moment in communication with him, but then after the first year, he got laid off from work and then began the long time periods with no communication. Not that he couldn’t but I don’t know. There came a time when I felt like he had changed. He used to write me the most beautiful e-mails that read like poetry. Then it seemed to me that he couldn’t string more than a couple of sentences together. I asked him once why he didn’t write like he used to and he said because it had all been said! Then when he would come back from a time away, it would be like talking to a stranger.

      I have a friend with a Twin in Spirit, and her Twin through her told me that there was nothing left in H for me anymore and that I would be better off to forget him and move on. Now to understand that you need to be aware that our Twins are first and foremost a stream of consciousness and that consciousness can move from one physical body to another if it is necessary to do so and I feel that my Twin realized how much pain I was in and took himself out of that body. I literally sat on my bed twice over the period of a year with a bottle of pain medication and considered taking enough pills to end my life. Not a good place to be. But I didn’t do it obviously. Something stayed my hand and I put the pills away.

      Then later the next year, I became aware of a spirit around me. Let me explain that further, I had made a few friends on Facebook through H because we used to play Farmville on there and so some of his friends sent me friend requests for the game. This one particular friend, Wendy, she and I chatted a few times on Facebook and I even had a brief 2 month online relationship with her cousin I met on Facebook as well, and I swear I felt my Twin in him. However it didn’t last but shortly after that relationship ended, Wendy posted that she had lost her best friend, her brother, and she posted a photo of him. I looked at that photo and broke my heart with grief over a man I never knew even existed till the day he died. I kept asking him “how did I not know you were here and how did we miss our connection??” This happened for a couple of weeks, every day going back to look at his photo and cry and ask him the same question.

      Then I realized that I was feeling his energy, the same energy I could feel from his photo, around me. At first I didn’t understand it, why would he be here with me? So I mentioned what I was going through to my friend with the Twin in Spirit and she said she was getting from her Twin that Rob, Wendy’s brother, was in fact my true Twin Flame. I did have a hard time accepting this at first because my heart still wanted H even though we weren’t in contact. All I could think of was the connection we had shared even though I felt he had changed. I wanted him to be the same man I remembered but every time we talked I didn’t feel that connection anymore. It was a very confusing time and sometimes it still is. However Rob’s love and strength have helped me so much over the past few years since his death in July of 2010. I can hear him talk to me in my mind. I can feel him here with me. I can feel him lie next to me in my bed at night. I am never alone. There are times when I do wish he was in a physical body but then he reminds me that I can be with him in my mind anytime I want.

      In 2009 when things between myself and H were at an all time low, my friend’s Twin in Spirit told me through her to create a space in my imagination to meet H’s higher self there, to love him there and so on. He told me not to get caught up in it being my imagination because H would feel what we did there in some way. So I created a place, a bedroom with a sitting area, a fireplace, a four poster bed, and anything else I felt should be in our space. There was a door that led out to a small patio with steps leading down to a white sand beach and blue green water. I started to meet H’s higher self there, we would talk, we would walk on the beach, we would swim with our dolphin friends, we would make love and so on. It was beautiful and amazing. But when my friend’s Twin in Spirit told me that there was nothing left in H for me anymore, I stopped meeting him there. However now I meet Rob there and it’s just as beautiful and amazing as when I met H there, maybe more so, lol. So you see, there are ways to be with your Twin without having to chase him in the physical.

      I want to say this too, you are never without your Twin in reality. Remember this world is an illusion. Our bodies only hold a small portion of our souls and so the majority of our soul is back home on the other side. We are with our Twins always and we carry them inside us as well. Something I have been learning lately is that we need to stop looking outside ourselves for the love we need or want. We are the only ones who can give us that love and one of the major lessons we are here to learn is to love ourselves so much that having a partner to love us becomes unnecessary. However once we do learn to love ourselves, we will then draw to us someone who will mirror that back to us and yes it could be that H will come back for me or your Twin will wake up and come to you. The thing is we have to trust that if it’s meant to be it will be remembering that our Twins are our biggest mirrors and if things are not going well right now, it means they are mirroring to us what is in us that needs to be healed. We are broken, fragmented, because we have believed that we are not worthy of love and because we don’t or can’t for whatever reason love ourselves as we are meant to. I’m going to recommend that you look up Matt Kahn on Youtube and watch some of his videos. He talks a lot about loving ourselves and always treating ourselves like a 5 year old child in pain. If we wouldn’t treat a child in pain harshly then why would we treat ourselves like that?

      As for a mission, I can’t say I ever felt there was a mission in my relationship with H. However since I have found Rob, my mission is this, helping other people in Twin Flame relationships. I’m not an expert on Twin Flames but I can speak from my own experiences and from my own learning about Twins from all that I have read and watched and listened to online, which is considerable. I also learned how to read Angel Tarot and Oracle Cards with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and so I do readings. Rob is always there and his wisdom becomes part of what I share now with the world. So your mission will be centered around what brings you joy. What is it you like to do that makes you happy, that makes your heart sing? Find a way to use that to be of service to the world, to humanity in some way. The more we are in service to others and are sharing the love of our being, the more you will feel better about yourself and your situation. Have faith and trust God that if you are meant to be with this person, it’s going to happen, and if not, then God will bring someone to you who will be all that you need.

      I hope this helps in some way. Remember you are not alone in this, there are many others like you. Take care and feel free to write anytime you need to talk.


  19. Oh wow. Glad I found this article. my family and I are all sensitive both spiritually and psychically. I know without a shadow of a doubt I’ve met my Twin. I certainly wasn’t looking; then BAM neither one of were supposed to be where we were. I was dancing with someone else and he wouldn’t take his eye off me. then someone said “is that your boyfriend” we look in each others eyes and even though he was on other side of dance floor he was right in front of me he smiles and says yes. I just smiled back and reach my hand out and he pulled me close and I could feel his energy. That’s how we met. Then the night we slept together I had and intense psychic dream about his family and us. I experience all the signs lately. I’m even dropping weight and being without even trying; like time slowed down! We hold hands, stare at each other all the time and I’m not a PDA kind of person. Have parallel things happening in our lives. I feel when he hurts; so much pain-he needed me-I need him! I would literally have a hole in my chest ache if I felt him pull away. I know he’s hiding thoughts and feelings. I know he thinks he is in love with his exwife still. He doesn’t run but he holds back. It is incredibly frustrating. The moment I stopped chasing he seemed to ‘wake up’. almost immediately like he felt me pull away or something. I won’t chase him anymore; it’s too painful. It’s comforting to know he will ‘return’….even though he hasn’t physically left he emotionally runs. Thank you for this blog. <3


    • Yes that connection with someone can be very intense and when it’s withdrawn it really is like coming down from a high. I think we actually go through withdrawal like we are drug addicts or something. I know with H, it was so hard when he pulled away, I was devastated and wanted to die, literally die. I had to learn to go on without him and I think I also blocked the connection after that. I am afraid to open it now, it hurts too much when he withdraws and so I just go on about my life one day at a time and hope to meet someone else in a physical body who can hold the energy of my Twin.

      I’m not sure how familiar you are with my story but now I have Rob who some have said is my true Twin. The only “problem” is that Rob is in spirit. However that being said, Rob is very present in my life, I feel his energy around me and his love for me all the time. It’s so amazingly beautiful and I love him soooo much. But I still think of H and wonder what he’s doing and if he thinks of me. I did get a brief message from him the other day and I replied but that was it, nothing since. I never know when I am in communication with him if it will end today or tomorrow and then how long he will be gone this time. So I know how hard this is, trust me! However I have faith in God that if it is meant to be with H then it will be, right now he’s still married and that needs to end first, however I’m not waiting around here for him. In the meantime I still have Rob and I think my connection with him is getting stronger every day and so maybe there will come a day when I won’t think about H anymore. Who knows.

      We are going through a shift in consciousness on this planet right now and so some are saying that people are waking up more and more and remembering who they are and who their Twins are, so if that is true maybe you won’t have too long to wait for him to figure this out for himself. Hang in there and know you are not alone.

      Love and Light,


  20. My twin flame is a runner at the moment. Im a man. I have learned to be calm and accepting of the situation. It was a lesson to teach me to focus on the spirit realms instead of this 3D world. Because i feel her presence VERY STRONGLY in other worlds. So much so that i no longer feel the need to be with her in this 3D. We stay in touch with messaging on the phone as friends. But we both know we are much more on a different level. My twin flame is engaged to another man. Whether she will marry him or come to me in tis 3D i dont bother worrying about anymore. I still send her healing and love daily unconditionally


    • Shiv you wouldn’t believe this but my condition is the same as yours, to the point that my twin is also planning to marry some other person. But let me tell you this, if u have started seeing the signs be ready for things to change and for the magic to happen which has started with me. What you are doing, giving her love and support is what needs to be done. And she looking for support from you, is what proves that you are the one. She can feel it but will not understand till the universe will make its move. I am waiting for the same magic too. Just like you, i was also looking for confirmation that she will be mine and by looking at how things are moving i would ve able to manifest this dream. Whenever you see the signs or the master number think of the what you want in your life and this trick will help you.manifest it. All the best!! Don’t give up!!

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    • That is an amazing way to look at things Shiv. More of us should follow your example and let go of whatever transpires in this reality because it is really all an illusion and we are with our Twins on the other side. We are never separate from them and we can never be separate from them. We just tend to forget that and we want the fairytale romance here and now.

      Take care,


    • I still have feelings, but I can’t “feel” him anymore. I know this because my heart would start to pound rlly fast and I would just feel his energy. This dosent happen anymore.

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      • From what I was told, if you can’t feel the connection anymore then it means one of you or both of you have blocked the connection. I know I have done this with H as well. I don’t feel him unless I make a point of focusing on him now. I find it easier but that is a personal choice for me. Take care.


  21. im at a very hard phase. my twin and i had a huge fight that resulted to our “falling out” it seemed shallow but it blew out of proportions. it was like the fight triggered us both and all our deep-seated issues surfaced out. i tried to reach out to him but he unfriended me in facebook, blocked my message. he told me we need to move on and that we can’t see each other anymore. part of me feels he just said it thinking that is the solution. i’m giving him space and time, i dont know when we will get reunited but i know in time we will sort things out. all i do right now is to surrender this experience to God, pray novena for our healing and to for God to guide me to the path that would lead us back together. i had a lot of learning experience, i feel bad it had to reach this point. i guess everything happens for a reason – for what reason, i don’t know. i just hold on to the faith that it is for the best.


    • There can be no doubt that this journey is very hard. Stop chasing him, let him figure things out for himself, send him love through your connection and really that is the best you can do for now. As I said in a reply to another comment, we don’t know if we are meant to reunite with our Twins in this lifetime. Chasing them only ends up hurting us in the long run. So learn to love yourself, to give to yourself the love you want him to give you. And yes I agree, if it’s meant to be then it will be and I trust God that He will work it out in His own Divine Right Timing. Some have been at this for years with no, I mean zero contact with their Twins in years. I know for myself, I have tried to find love with other men but for one reason or another it never works out, so I don’t know if that means I am not meant to love someone else because he will come back or maybe I just haven’t found the right person yet. I know other people are finding union with a soul mate, even getting married. So don’t limit yourself to your Twin, be open to loving someone else and receiving their love as well. Take care.


  22. I followed no contact rule of 21 days version but my twinflame seems to haven’t realized my love.He is a runner.Is it better to leave him on his own ?I tried all things where an ungettable girl does.I tried to make him understand my love but everything remained worthless.I have performed my duty and I’m now leaving him.Will he come back?Please help me……


    • See it’s not about making him understand he’s your Twin or how much you love him. One of the things that Lee and Sherry of Relationship Reinvented say is that you need to stop chasing him and stand still, meaning you don’t block him from contact but you don’t keep trying to make him see how much you love him or be writing him all the time. From my own perspective, writing, calling, texting and so on only seems to make them run further away. So just be with yourself, send him love through your connection and he will be aware of that on some level. However there isn’t much we can do if they are with someone else, or having a baby with someone else, or married to someone else. It’s learning to love them anyways, even if it means we never hear from them again. And in loving them, we learn to love their partners, their children, and so on. Otherwise it’s not unconditional love is it? If we keep putting expectations on our love, as in we will only love them if they return our love or come back to us, then it isn’t unconditional.

      I know how hard this is, believe me I know. It’s the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, to love someone who is married but has ladies on the side, has kids he doesn’t want to leave, and so on. But we can’t place all our hopes and dreams on our Twins, we have to love ourselves enough to walk away if that is necessary for our own sanity, trusting that if this is meant to be then it will still be, nothing we can do will change that. Some are finding union with a soul mate and not their Twin. I don’t think we are meant to put our lives on hold for them. So if you find someone else you can love and who loves you in return, then my advice would be to go for it.

      No one knows if the Twins will come back or reunite in this lifetime, some say yes, some say not all Twins will reunite, some say we were never meant to meet them here in the first place. So who knows. I don’t think anyone on the planet has all the info on Twin Flames even if they claim to. There is a lot we don’t know and so my advice is that you take care of you, love you, don’t wait for him to love you, love yourself, give to yourself all the things you are hoping he will give you. There are no guarantees here.

      I’m sorry that I can’t give you better advice. For myself, I send my Twin love through our connection, I talk to him in my mind, but I have learned to just let him be because all the chasing I did, telling him he’s my Twin, telling him I love him, begging him to come back and so on and on and on, never did one thing to bring him any closer to me. So I trust that if this is meant to be with him, God has the Divine Plan for us and so I have to trust that it is all being worked out in Divine Right Time. That’s all I can do right now, but I have had to learn to love myself in this process, to give to myself the things I wish he would, and I have had to keep my distance and not check up on him to see what he’s up to because when I do that and see that he has a new lady friend, then it hurts and so the only one I’m hurting is myself. So do what you need to do for you. That’s the best advice I can give you. Take care.


  23. I blocked him on Instagram! I’m so frustrated right now! I keep seeing him having fun and wiht this girl all he time I’m not wasting my time looking at his posts and weeping over it. I’m done! I can’t handle it anymore it’s just too much, it’s giving me too much stress.


  24. My twin flame and I were together for 2 years (mostly long distance due to him joining the military on my birthday. 2 weeks before meeting me) and he just disappeared.There were a lot of synchronicities around our relationship and also during time apart. We first met each after a surprise blind date set up by family, since we were both dead set against being set up and we met on a dearly departed one of mine’s birthday anniversary, our relationship ended on the anniversary of the same departed loved ones death, as well as his disappearance this time.

    So, after nearly 4 years of no contact, he came back into my life only to disappear again after being in my life for over a year and a half. We became “friends”, but eventually that friendship started slipping into something more again. In that time I got the “answer” I had long been waiting for, the explanation for why he just shut me out, after all these years trying to find a reason for it all and the only conclusion I could ever come to was that there had to be something wrong with me and despite loving him more than I could anyone else, I still managed to make him miserable. According to him, he didn’t believe I loved him as much as I said I did. This time, he disappeared and ran back to his most recent ex that he spent close to 3 years with, a toxic relationship no less. I’m so confused, I know I felt a connection and when we saw each other for the first time in years. I don’t know how many times we got stuck in moments of just looking into each others eyes and smiling, without needing to speak a word. I could tell he still adored me as much as I do him. Just when I was thinking we were going to reunite, he jumps back and runs for the hills. I don’t exist again, not worth acknowledging or giving an explanation to, as if nothing ever happened between us and questioning my sanity all over again. It was just so odd how one of the last things he said to me was that “I don’t know if I can trust another woman again after everything my ex did,” only to go back to that very ex. The only bright side is that it isn’t as agonizingly painful for me emotionally as it was the first time and as much as I hate to admit, when he pulled a way, there were a lot of things going on in my life that were setting up for big changes that will help me grow and get to a better place. I was just hoping, like the last time, that we would be able to do whatever growing we need to do while being together. It’s getting really hard to hold onto the belief that he really is my twin flame, just like the first time around my worth, my faith in God (especially the first time) and my faith in whether love is even worth it is being tested. My mind keeps telling me that I’m holding on for nothing and I’m crazy for believing that any of it was real in the first place, but I can’t get rid of that feeling deep down that tells me that I’m foolish to believe that what we have is anything but. I’m trying to focus on all the changes happening in my life and follow the path that’s being laid out for me, but in the back of my head I still worry that he won’t come back to me for good and will likely spend the rest of my life alone because, nothing can ever compare to the loved we had.


    • There is no doubt that the Twin Flame relationship is the hardest thing most of us have ever had to deal with, so know you are not alone in that. What you describe seems to be par for the course. I’m going to say this, as there are very few Twin Flames actually together right now, it is my belief that the time isn’t right for one reason or another. I don’t mean just for me or for you or anyone else as a pair, I mean for the majority of Twin Flames on the planet. I think a couple of factors play a part in this.

      One, most of us aren’t ready, like you I hoped my Twin would hang around and work through our issues together but he comes and goes like the wind sometimes. I’m sure I’m as much to blame as he is because he sure knows how to push my buttons. I am sure I push his too, which is all part of the process, which is to ferret out anything in either of us that is not love and needs to be brought to the surface, healed and released. This coming together and pulling apart phase will continue until all the crap inside us is cleared. As it was put in a webinar I was part of on Twin Flames, the love of Twins when they are together is creational, meaning we can literally create or change our reality and the reality of the world around us. BUT if we are at odds when we are together, that energy is also creational but in the way of an atomic bomb! I believe that because when I lose it with my Twin, man I could create a lot of havoc. I’m a natural redhead and so I have the temper that goes with it, lol. I like to think I have cleared most of my crap but then he comes back into my life and at some point he pushes a button that I thought was long healed and off we go again. It does get tiresome but I know I have work to do still. It’s a process.

      Two, I don’t think humanity at large is ready for us either. We came here to be love and to spread love. One would think that as much love as we could give is needed right now, especially in light of recent events, however there must be some reason why the time isn’t right. I know that someone said in some article I read that humanity was expected to have evolved more than we have which is why December 21st, 2012, came and went with no big changes to be seen. Humanity wasn’t ready. So if things were delayed on that front, and I’m not talking about the end of the world as was predicted by so many for that time, but that we were or should have ascended into a 5th dimensional consciousness and a new earth. So if humanity wasn’t ready for that then, and it would seem they are still not ready, then we are all playing a waiting game.

      Third, many of the males of the Twin Flame couples are not yet awake, and not just the male sex but the females that also carry the male energy in gay relationships. They want this with us but they are terrified of it at the same time. This is unknown territory for them. We females seem to have understood and accepted what this relationship means, what it’s about and what it will do to and for us at a deeper level than the males. And so we are waiting for them to catch up, and this will probably only happen when the consciousness on the planet also raises to a higher level. When that happens, we will all wake up and remember who and what we are and who our Twins are and so on. In the meantime they run back to old relationships because that is what they are comfortable with right now. It happens with some females too, but for the most part it seems that the males are the ones having a harder time with this.

      Again, I think too that we females like to BELIEVE that we have it all together and it’s the male’s fault we are not united yet, but from my own experience, our belief may be wrong and we still have our own work to do on ourselves as well. I know speaking for myself here, that I still have some work to do. My Twin is back in communication after being gone for over a year, but I feel he’s testing the waters right now to see where I am in my own spiritual readiness for this. I like to think that I’m more evolved than he is but I’m not so sure that is the case. He’s not a spiritual slouch let me just say, but he knows too that if I haven’t resolved some of my own issues, we will end up back at square one again. Time will tell I guess.

      So I don’t know if this is of any help to you or not. As I keep saying, I’m not an expert, I’m just a woman going through her own experiences like everyone else. I have read a lot in the form of articles online and books I have bought on the subject. I have watched countless videos and been part of a webinar on Twin Flames. I have a lot of knowledge on the subject but in the end I’m like everyone else, working on myself and hoping for reunion. Take care and much love on your journey.


  25. Eva,
    I’m young, only 18 years old. I am writing to you because I’ve recently fallen in love. It happened so fast, lately I’m not even sure it happened at all. We met on the internet, now I know that sounds sketchy. But we skyped everyday and stayed up for hours on end on the phone together. I felt so different speaking with him. Almost like I was slowly becoming a better person. I just remember that I couldn’t quite find any way to describe him other than, something else. He was something else. Now, I think it should be stated that I suffer from a lot of anxiety problems as well as BPD. After about a month of being together I took a 7 hour trip to meet him. It was best described as magical. I had never felt so peaceful around another person. I know that he felt it too. He called me everyday after I had left and he told me that he remembered every little thing about me. We started to plan more trips. But, not too long ago he got very sad. It seemed out of place when he called me one night and told me he couldn’t do it, he needed us to take a step back. I didn’t understand because he had been the one to initiate nearly everything between us. He had been the one who was so adamant about wanting to say I love you. He said for the first time in his life, he actually felt like he had wanted to say it. About a week after we took the step back, he texted me out of the blue one day. Said that everything was too much. Then he deleted his Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, tumblr, even changed his number. I was shocked. We hadn’t even been fighting. It all just felt off to me. Two days later I decided to drive down there. I couldn’t just let everything go, I needed an answer. I went all the way down there for him to tell me he just couldn’t do it, that everything had happened so fast. I didn’t understand still. There wasn’t any other girls he was involved with, I know that for sure. Before I left, he gave me his Kik and said he wanted to talk to me still. He also said that it definitely wasn’t going to be goodbye forever between us. But, a day after I left he blocked me on his Kik as well. I just feel like I’m going absolutely mad. I know I haven’t done anything wrong, I was never even the type of girlfriend to send him multiple texts when he wouldn’t respond. I don’t know why he’s gone so far as to block me on everything and delete everything. But I know in my gut, in my soul, that this isn’t just over. This isn’t a regular breakup. I feel as if the left half of myself has been cut off. I can’t sleep, eat, get out of bed. I’ve never felt like this before. Please, I just need an answer.


    • Let me share my thoughts on why you may be going through this with your Twin. Strange things happen between Twin Flames. There are reasons for this that we cannot understand right now but as I said recently in a reply to another comment, I only know of a few Twin Flames who are actually together, so there must be a reason why the rest of us are not with our Twins yet.

      In an article I read a couple of months ago, someone was talking about December 21st, 2012, when so many thought the world was going to end but in truth we were “supposed” to ascend into a higher realm of consciousness, it didn’t happen. This person said that he felt nothing was going to happen on that date because humanity wasn’t ready yet for that kind of change. Most Twin Flames are here to anchor this Divine love on this planet, but after reading that article, it is my thought that we as Twins have been held back from reuniting because humanity isn’t ready yet.

      So even though most of the females of the Twin Flame couples, or those who hold the feminine energy in same sex couples are ready, or at least we feel we are, but the males, or those who hold the masculine energy, are not ready. It is my belief that we are being kept apart for a reason even though I have no idea really what that reason is. But then it is our role as the feminine to hold the space for our Twins to do whatever it is they have come here to do and to be ready to come into union.

      Some of the masculine Twins came here with missions to complete that have nothing to do with us. I know I was told that my own Twin’s mission as an Indigo Type 3 was to share a physical body with a lower vibrational entity. The mission for him was to transform that lower entity into a higher vibrational being and then it would be released to go back home to God. I know this sounds fantastical but trust me, it’s true. Here is a description of Indigo Type 3:

      “Indigo Recessive Type-3’s are the most common and often troublesome of the group. The reason is that they are literally incarnations of 2 different avatars in ONE body, an Oraphim avatar overseeing a Nephilim avatar spirit essence. The core of their life purpose is to mend the extremes of polarity between the reversed 11 strand DNA matrix of the Nephilim and the 12 strand Diamond Sun matrix of the Oraphim. They have a maximum potential of 12 strand DNA activation, but their lifetimes serve an important role in the greater plan of healing the DNA distortion within the Nephilim, Annunaki and Human genetic lines. Type-3’s have the most extremes in polarity of all Indigos, are highly intelligent, mathematically inclined, and athletic. They may sometimes seem like “angel and devil” in 1 body. They are most vulnerable to obsessive-compulsive behaviors, bi-polar disorders, and extreme polarity in perspectives. The Nephilim imprint tends to activate first in the Type-3, often creating an aggressive, hyperactive child that spends most of its early life testing the extremes of the boundaries between right and wrong, constantly challenging authority. Just as any Type-3 may sometimes seem like the “Child from Hell”, it may do a complete turnaround into nearly Angelic, loving behavior.

      At times it may seem as if the child has an “evil twin” that emerges, a dark side of the personality that is capable of extreme thoughtlessness and cruelty. Indigo 3’s are usually the ones responsible for going on shooting sprees in schools. The negative characteristics of the Type-3 Indigo emerge as the DNA imprint of the Nephilim activates, and shortly thereafter the Oraphim part of the identity attempts to clear the distorted DNA imprint by counterbalancing it with its opposite Fire Letter sequence, creating the most extreme and rapid shifts in polarity within the behavior and attitude. The polarity extremes in the personality of a Type-3 often lead to self-destructive behaviors and substance addiction as the identity tries to numb itself from the near constant feeling of internal conflict and apprehension. If the Nephilim avatar identity attempts to OVER-RUN the identity, the Oraphim avatar will ASSERT its authority, shutting down the communication facilities if necessary. Most cases of AUTISM occur in Type-3 Indigo children as a result of the Oraphim avatar “unplugging” some of the Nephilim codes to retain control over the body.” (Taken from:
      Now I’m not saying that all males, or holders of the masculine energy, are Indigo Type 3, what I’m saying is that a lot of the males have come in with some sort of mission that they agreed to undertake for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet. Some have come in to clear ancestral bloodlines that were very negative and for most of them they have to live through it to clear it. It is my belief that until they have completed these missions, we will not unite with them. For others, it is just a matter of being afraid of the losing themselves in this connection between Twins. So there could be a number of reasons why we are not with our Twins yet.

      However it is also my belief that as humanity goes through this ascension into higher consciousness, our Twins will wake up to who they truly are and who they are to us, and when that happens, then reunion will occur. So hang in there, trust that there is a reason for all of this and just be patient, hold the love for your Twin, send it to him through your connection and trust that on some level he is very aware of your love for him and his for you. Remember too that just because he has blocked you on everything doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with him. My Twin hears everything I say to him in my mind so why not talk to him in your own mind and tell him how you feel, how much you love him and that you will wait for him to be ready. And trust that he hears it.

      I hope this is of some help to you. Know you are not alone, there are many of us who are going through similar to what you are going through. Take care.



    • i am also the chaser and have been through he** but i am close now its been 20 yrs since we met. u both have lessions that need to be learned before you can be in union try to focus on yourself as he should do the same in gods timing not urs u will be one.

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