Advice For Twin Flame Chaser


Someone posted the link to this on Facebook just now and I thought I would share it here. I’m sure many of you will identify with the “chaser” as I did. I found this to be helpful in putting it in perspective. Enjoy!

Advice For Twin Flame Chaser
by RICHEE on JULY 10, 2012

Twin Flame Chaser

Becoming the Chaser is not something that this partner intentionally does… It happens naturally… The inner ‘knowing’ and awareness of the twinflame connection is what drives the Chaser.

Women are usually more emotionally sensitive than men… That’s what often makes the woman in the twinflame relationship understand the true nature of it before the man does.

Men are also conditioned (since the caveman era, when they had to hunt for survival) to hide their emotions and feelings… that makes them suppress the inner ‘knowingness’, consciously or subconsciously, with or without their own knowledge…

For this reason, The Twin Flame Chaser is usually the woman.
[That does not mean that a man can not be in this position, It ultimately depends on the life plan.]

To make things simpler to understand, we’ll assume that the Chaser is the woman.

Being highly sensitive, The Chaser can ‘feel’ the depth of this relationship and knows that it is somehow special… This feeling is there even if she doesn’t consciously know what it is all about…
Now, When the other Twin flames suddenly tried to escape or run away,
Two things happen to the Chaser.

One – She is deeply hurt and afraid of losing her partner.

The intensity and the depth of love that she feels for the twinflame is more than anything else that she has probably ever felt. When the Runner just runs away without even a warning, she gets a huge emotional shock… much more than she can handle.
This makes her act ‘crazy’ sometimes. She will, at this point, do almost anything to get the Runner back…

The emotional pain of the Chaser is intensified even more by the memories or residue of the many previous lives in which she had lost him.
All the pain and suffering from all of those lives is stirred up and comes back to the surface when the Runner runs away…

Two – She knows there is some deeper meaning to this relationship and feels that the two of them ‘Should be together’ to make things alright.

She has a feeling deep inside that everything will be okay… they should just be together (which is true).
She might not be explain this to the Runner or to anyone else but strongly feels it.

And because of these reasons,
She tries to ‘Chase’ the Runner.
To get him back, no matter how.

The Chaser herself might be very confused at this stage, she might not even be able to understand whats happening to her,
all she knows is that she cant afford to lose the Runner, no matter what.

The Chasing, however, only pushes the Runner further away.
Then comes a point when she shatters completely (emotionally).
The pain of having the runner run can be literally mind numbing.

Now That’s where God’s magic begins…
She tries to look up information just to find out what was it that is happening to her. It is not just a normal relationship, she knows that for sure.
And that’s when the Spiritual reality reveals itself to her.
That’s when she understands the sacredness of this relationship…
and all of this ultimately leads to her Enlightenment.

Then comes the Waiting time. That is when the ‘Chaser’ is enlightened and the Runner is still running…
This can again be a very hard time for the Chaser.

Ultimately, once the phase is over, the runner does return, and that’s when the Grand Reunion happens

Advice For Twin Flame Chaser

If you’ve read about ‘The Chaser’ and figured that its you, here is some advice…

Know that your partner WILL Return…
With all that you are going through, knowing that the runner will return is enough to ease half the pain.
Twinflames are ever connected by the eternal sacred bond that never breaks.
They are literally created to be with each other. Nothing can take them away from each other.

Understand that your partner will come back once they are ready for the intensity of this relationship.

Let them take their time, pushing or chasing is not of much use.

Avoid ‘Chasing’ him/her
The runner runs because they are afraid of the intensity of the relationship at some level.
Chasing him/her at this point only makes them run more.
Give them some time, and know that they will come when they are ready.

Know that the universe in helping you
Being in the ‘Chaser’ position can be hard. You might feel lonely and helpless. DONT.

The universe plays its magic in bringing twinflames together.
Know that you are supported by all divine beings in someway… whether you know it or not.
Doing too much at a human level is not required to get your twinflame back… just remain calm and you’ll see that everything takes care of itself (it might take some time, but trust me it will happen… just be patient)

Believe In Yourself
During this phase, there is often a lot of confusion.
Your mind does not agree with what your hear tells you… And If you try sharing it with someone else they will probably tell you you’ve simply ‘lost it’… These people usually are not aware of this deep spiritual reality and give you ‘practical’ advice which doesn’t work for a twinflame relationship…

Understand that what is happening to you is not unusual… and you are perfectly all right.
Just Believe in yourself and follow your heart… and everything will be okay :)

Understand spirituality
The more you understand the spiritual reality, the more sense everything will start to make.
The relationship between Twinflames is basically spiritual… You’ll understand whats going on in the relationship the more you explore spirituality… This is not something that is necessary… but I believe it helps allot.

And If you’re comfortable with it, use the Violet Flame to balance your karma… this (or any other meditation) also helps calm the mind which is required during this confusing and difficult phase.


129 thoughts on “Advice For Twin Flame Chaser

  1. eva, at some point I realized that I am runner myself too. I was afraid of this too. But not any more. What is happening now? We still are not together, but I am not chaising him or ranning from him any more. It doesn’t metter – we ARE together in our souls. I was meditating last morning and “saw” him sitting next to me, hugging me and it doesn’t hurt any more. It hurted before, because I wanted to hug him phisically. I am happy that I have met him, that he IS in my life, even we are with another persons.
    Let him go. When you try to hold him, to make him love you, make him understand that You ARE THE ONE – it is in some point running too. You are holding on this so tight because you are scared to loose him. You are running away from the truth that you are together even you aren’t together phisicaly.
    When you will stop trying to get him, then you will not be the runner anymore.
    To be the runner – it is not only when you are trying to avoid someone, when you are trying to get away and out of those feelings, that is also when you are holding too tight to this feeling, to this person, scared to loose, scared that he never will be with you, scared that it was only your dream and he is not your twin flame.
    That is how I feel this now. (sorry about my english).


    • We are giving each other flirts at this time. my question is does he know has he had the visions just as i had that i am his twin flame??? i have stoped chasing him but look forward to each time he contacts me does he know we are twin flames??


      • If he is your twin flame – he knows and feels you the same as you do. At least in his heart. Does he allows himself as human to understand what is going on – I don’t know. Does he understands what is going on – I don’t know. But deep inside him he feels the same as yoy. Maybe he is just not ready for you or maybe he has chousen to be just friend to you. I can’t tell. Twin flame – it doesnt mean that you will be together in this lifetime as romantic partners. Just – let it be. Live your life with joy and love, work on yourself and then, who knows… I tried to figure out this in my situation too – will we be together, why we met. But it just makes pressure and stress in our lives. Now I decided to live day by day, enyoing moments with him and without him. And I hope that someday we will be ready for each other. This feeling of love is so amazing :) don’t you think so?


      • i have a spirtual healer who has helped me alot with this he is my true twin and we will be together but i am in process of a divorce married for 38 yyrs he can not join me till its completed he knows this so for now we just flirt and talk on an off he is also not ready an has a few things to take care of but by this sumer we are supose to be together


  2. Beloved energy comes to me and fills me periodically as though I am perfectly one with my TF. It’s like the universe knows what I need to transcend the pain of separation. This is truly a path and not just about a romantic relationship.


  3. my twin flame ran and came back to me without doing anything it was painful cause all I wanted to do was chase him but in my heart I knew he would come back😊 and he did I’m sure he will run again cause we are not yet at the point we should be …if that makes any sense… This is the most pain I have ever felt undesirable strong aching I’m hoping my guardian angel will help in this crazy journey so we can be together forever.. Anyone feel like this or am I crazy?

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    • It is for certain one of the hardest things you will ever experience in your life. I wish I could say it gets easier. However I think we learn to accept it as part of the reunion process as well as helping us to learn to love unconditionally. So no you are not crazy.


  4. I have been in a relationship that I feel has twin flame tendencies for over two years. We are both married to others. I noticed our connection spiritually before him. We have both tried to end our connection, but emotionally we have been tied. I know that neither of us can hate or ever be fully done with each other. He pursued me, but in the end I am the chaser and he is he runner. He has tried to end things because he is choosing that his marriage is where he thinks he should be and that we can go forward as friends. I have never felt so devastated and confused. Emotionally, I have hit bottom and barely able to function at times. I am in the process of ending a 26 year relationship (18 years of marriage) because at 41 years of age I connected with someone else who spiritually awakened me and helped me realize my true self. The pain of losing my twin flame is unbearable. As time goes on it doesn’t get easier and I worry about him because he is repressing all of his feelings. I feel in my heart we will be together but the future seems so unknown and it difficult to feel hurt by his abandonment.


    • I was in exact same situation. It’s almost been a year since he ran and I still can’t ease the pain. I miss him constantly and life is so boring without him. If you need some one to talk to you can email me.


    • I do understand you and am in the same situation. Something that is helping me is understanding that I want him to be happy. I really want him to be happy – smiling, loving, enjoying hes life. I can’t take him away from something he has been choosed as his happiness. He just not ready jet. Maybe I am not ready for him too? Maybe we are not ment to be together in this lifetime? Who knows… I just want him to be happy. And I will live my life as good as I can and as happy as I can. I know that if I would take some steps, I would “get” him, but I feel that I can’t do that, just because I want him to be happy, because if he isn’t ready to leave his marriage and be with me, we would be unhappy together. I take that joy from the moments we are together, sending him love and just live my life as happy, peaceful and loving I can.
      Just remember that you ARE together, you are ONE. And try to live your life – loving, caring, enjoying life. If he is your twin flame, it DOESN’T mean that you will be together romantically in this life time. Try not to focus on that. Just say thank you for possibility to know him. And focus on what you want.
      What is what you want? Be happy? Be with someone you feel love? Don’t focus on that you want to be with HIM, just focus on what you really want. Great happiness can be found not only with twin flames.
      That is my experience. Hopefully you will get to the point where love for that person becomes unconditional and will not make you feel pain just because he has different life purpose, and you will find that great happiness and love even without being romantically together with your twin flame.


      • This is so true, I’m just discovering someone is my twin flame after the experience of knowing them for a few years. How everything transpired at the end made me realize there was a deeper meaning behind us meeting. This experience is one of the most painful and mind boggling things I have ever went through, it is so hard to figure out what is going on and why you feel the way you feel about this person, it’s just that instant connection and boom you are drawn to them and have so much love for them it is unexplainable, and the crazy thing is you don’t have to spend a bunch of time around them, the connection is just there and won’t go anywhere. throw circumstances of life in the situation(marriages,other prior commitments, distance) and it gets even crazier
        . I see why it is suppose to be a spiritual awakening and growth for the parties involved because that is exactly where it leads you, there is no choice in the matter. I’m still trying to figure things out and struggling a bit, but i do know it has help inspire me to go fourth without fear with my life purpose, which is a change in career I have been holding back on for years, there are so many ways I want to help this world become a better place, and that career change is my starting point. As far as if I will ever be with that person….I don’t know what my creator intends as my destiny, all I can do is let go and let god do what he/she knows is for my highest good.
        I do know I am being divinely guided, I keep seeing number synchronicities every 2 seconds, and if I look up the meaning they are usually pretty accurate with what is going on in my life, right now with that situation I keep getting number sequences when I pray for answers that tell me to have faith, trust and patience, that this was a blessing in disguise and the answers to my prayers, it also says there are factors that need to fall in place before I can get my desired outcome, but things are going on behind the scenes that I can’t see right now….I trust this will all work out, I’m just gong to live my life and work on me and help others that need me…sorry for the long rant, not everyone experiences this and it can be lonely not having anyone to relate to that won’t think you are crazy.

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  6. I am looking for words of comfort. At this point I am more lost than I have ever been before. I am not even sure I am sane anymore. Does anyone else have these feelings? I have spent years dealing with this tf stuff and I would like out now. I always understood the need to let God do his work, and I trusted. I worked hard on myself, and I saw my own life transforming and I knew the universe was working perfectly. Divine bliss! I believed we would reunite, I was strong and filled with such gratitude! But everything is changing – my family are stepping into my journey, they hate my twin so much, they don’t want him in my life ever, they worry about me, they don’t understand me and want me to ‘move on’. I really really wish I could as this feels like a nightmare. My tf loves another woman and I am losing it. My poor heart, how will it ever recover from this punishing painful experience? People talk about the magic of twin flame love – oh such bliss. what about the endurance required, the mental health issues and regular break downs? The isolation, sense of delusion, crazy confusion and heartache? I have reached a point where I can no longer see how this can ever ever work out well. I pray for sweet relief – God help me.


    • Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! I have been where you are. I think there comes a point where we just give up. After 7 years of working on myself, trying to heal and clear all my own issues, everything has just become tiresome. Enough with the Twin Flame crap I say, at least here in the physical! I don’t know of many Twin Flames who have actually made it through the all the BS to finally achieve union. Is it us? Are we to blame for the runner running? Are we to blame for them not doing their own inner work and awakening to who they are and who we are to them?? I say NO! For far too long this journey has caused me nothing but heartache and misery and I finally reached a point where I don’t care if he ever comes back. At this point I will probably never trust him to stay. Every time he has come back into my life, he finds another reason to leave, so why would I ever take him back only to have him keep walking away? So I have told him to stay away. I don’t want this anymore. I’m done.

      So now I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t the point Sarah. That we are meant to meet them and awaken ourselves and do the inner work on ourselves and eventually reach a point where we no longer want or need them in our lives. I have read that some of these meetings of Twins are not really Twin meetings at all, these ones we meet are only the catalyst for our own awakening. That we were never meant to be with them because in truth they are not our true Twin Flames. They were just a means to an end, our own growth. At some point we have to love ourselves enough to stop the craziness and let go. That is where I am now. I deserve better than I have gotten from him. I demand a love that is true and lasting and with someone who is strong and awake and knows what he wants, that he has worked through all of his own stuff and is now ready to be in a union. I’m not saying that we both wouldn’t still have inner work to do but at least we would be aware of the connection and be able to work through things together.

      So don’t be afraid to let go of this one Sarah. Chances are he isn’t meant for you at all. Let go and then be ready and set the intent that you want to have your true Twin Flame come to you now. I don’t want a “relationship” anymore. I suck at relationships to begin with. What I want is the one who is meant for me, the one who will see me for all that I am, flaws and all, and will love me for all of it. Someone who is ready and willing to work through whatever issues may arise together. I won’t settle for anything less anymore.

      So know this too Sarah, you are not alone. If you need to talk, please feel free to write to me, Take care and stay strong. This wouldn’t have been brought to you if you weren’t strong enough to handle it, remember that. Much love!


      • Yeah, I agree with you. He/she CAN be your twin flame, but maybe you are not meant to be together in this life time. Maybe you are meant to be together only as friends, not lovers. The thing that you HAVE met your twin flame, doesn’t mean that you will be together in this life time :( And the thing that we must learn is to love UNCONDITIONALLY – and it means to love without asking anything back. Just letting him/her live his life. Be free. Send him/her your love, but letting them to choose to accept that love or not.


    • Sarah I have been where you are its very hard time yes i agree. first you have to kinda forget what he is doing and with who then you have to learn to love your self all the time you want to send him love he is not ready for you as you are not ready for him you both have things to learn and take care of. believe me ive been there now i am just 2 months away i talked to a spirtual advisor medium who has guided me forward on this unconditional journey and dnce to be with my twin. tyr to find one. in the beginning i meditated alot it did help i took a walk with my twin we were together i dream about him we sleep together in our subconcious i know this by how i am whaen i wake we share the same dreams remember its very scarey to accept what is happening people will think you are crazy . when the time is right you will be together love and dreams to you


    • Please give up the concept of twin flames for your sanity, it’s real but let it go and move on,maybe you were not meant to be with this person in this lifetime, I think even though you are working on yourself you STILL have expectations and that is something you need to let go of. Don’t work to make yourself a better person so you can reunite with your twin flame, just make yourself a better person just because that is what is good for the world. Don’t ever want to be with someone that does not want to be with you, if he is in love with another woman let him go and know that you deserve someone that loves and cares for you, don’t settle for less just because you believe he is your twin flame, open your heart to love from anyone that is willing to give you what you need.This is why they say the twin flame experience is not always meant to be all about romance, it’s not a fairytale, but a real life lesson and learning to love yourself is an important part of it.


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