My Answer To A Question On Twin Flames


I thought I would share my answer to a question from a follower of my blog with you. We all have questions regarding someone being our Twin Flame or not, how do you know for sure and what do you do if he or she is your Twin Flame? I will say again that I am not an expert and neither do I have all the answers because I still have my own questions so take what I said to that person for what it’s worth, my own insights and musings on my own Twin Flame journey. Here it is:

I wish I had some truly great advice to give you but sad to say I don’t. I can tell you what I have learned and maybe that will help.

I did an online course or webinar about 3 years ago with Angelina Heart who is one of the foremost “experts” on Twin Flames. I put expert in quotation marks because honestly I don’t believe there is any expert on Twin Flames. Every Twin Flame journey is unique to the two people involved. However she did say a couple of things that have stuck with me and I do believe are true.

First, your Twin Flame is first and foremost a stream of consciousness, or energy, if you will. What is happening with your Twin, the person who holds that embodiment of your Twin on this plane, is mostly irrelevant. You can however still have a relationship with your Twin on the etheric plane. Angelina and several others who have put out info on Twin Flames have said that you can meet your Twin Flame in an “imaginary” place and have that relationship that you long for there. Let me explain.

I have a friend with a Twin who is in spirit. He did live but died several years ago. He gives my friend information to pass onto me to help me with my own Twin journey. Because, like you, my relationship with my Twin Flame is off and on with long stretches of no communication or contact what so ever. I have been in this relationship for a little over 5 years. One of the things my friend’s Twin told me was to meet my Twin on the astral plane, to be with him there, to love him there. I said I didn’t know how to do that and he said that all I had to do is create a place in my imagination for us to meet. So I created a room, a bedroom with a sitting area. That room has a door that leads out to a small patio with steps that lead down to a very beautiful cove with a white sandy beach. The water is a greenish blue. We have dolphin friends that we swim with there and a sail boat that we take out on the water from time to time. This is our place. This is where I go in my mind to be with him, to love him and to make love with him too.

You can do similar with your Twin. Create a place for you both to meet, make it anything that has relevance to you or to both of you, include things you both like to have around you and things you like to do together. The only limit is your own imagination! I was told by my friend’s Twin that if I did this, spent time with my Twin in this way, loving him and so on, that on some level he’s aware of what we do there. He will feel that love and that connection we have there. Does that make sense for you? I tell you it has been the saving grace for me, without that place to go to be with my Twin I don’t think I would have made it this far.

The second thing I will mention here is that you need to remember that you and your Twin Flame are never truly apart or separated because you are always connected, you are always ONE. The separation we feel here is an illusion, it’s not real. Our Twin is inside us just as we are inside them. This is a connection, a fact of our reality as Twin Flames, that can’t be broken no matter how hard we or they try to break it. Sometimes it is best for us to let them go their merry way and do whatever it is they feel like doing knowing all the while that the pull of the Twin union will bring them back. Remember whatever it is they are up to when not with us is part of their own growth and development. Things they wanted to explore and learn during this life. It truly has nothing to do with us.

In the meantime, while they are off doing whatever without us, it is our “job” to continue to learn and grow as individuals ourselves so that when the reunion does take place, we are all ready for it. So as hard as it is to be without them, we need to continue to with our own lives as best we can knowing that it will happen when the time is right. So many Twin Flames are not together right now, you are definitely not alone in that. I can only assume that there is a reason for that and all we have to do is wait it out. The reunions will happen in God’s divine right time and not one second before.

Something else that I will also mention is that some Twins are not going to be reunited during this lifetime. I’m not saying you are one of them because I would have no way of knowing that. But some are finding each other while one or both are married to other people. If that is the case then some of those Twins have decided to remain in their marriages with other people who are not their Twin Flame. Meeting your Twin Flame is not about having a relationship with them. Sometimes the mission of a Twin Flame couple doesn’t require them to be together physically. That love Twin Flames share is still there but does not require them being together or to destroy their marriages. Now my Twin Flame is married and I’m not. I’m not sure what the future holds for us but he does tell me that he plans on leaving her when he gets some things in place and then he will come here to be with me.

Now all that being said, there is another situation that occurs where the Twin decides this is not what they want and so when that happens a fragment of our one soul will show up to take the Twin’s place. I think I wrote about that in an article on my blog, I got the information from Mel of goldraytwinflames in a video he did. He said that we all have soul fragments as our soul splits into 12 fragments, one remains in the higher dimensions as our Higher Self, the other 10 of us are out there somewhere living their lives, that could be on other worlds or other dimensions or parallel universes. However if the Twin decides not to wake up or for whatever reason doesn’t want that relationship with us, one of the soul fragments will step into that role for us. Someone will show up for us and will hold the essence of our Twin Flame. I hope that makes sense.

I actually think that has happened for me. Well actually there are a couple of theories on this so I will share them with you as well because it might help you to find the answers you seek for yourself. The man I think of as my Twin lives in Barbados and is married. He found me on a dating site actually in January of 2008. For the first 5 months of our relationship we were in what Mel likes to call “bubble love”. Everything was beautiful and amazing, our connection, our ability to communicate telepathically and feel each other’s physical and emotional pain or whatever. But then I found evidence that he was talking to someone online that he knew before he met me. They had a thing before we met and he went back to her. This is why I’m not concerned about his marriage because he’s been having online affairs before I met him. Oh and we have never been together physically as I live in Canada. The couple of times we made plans to meet, something always came up and it didn’t happen. However that didn’t matter because distance is irrelevant in a Twin relationship.

As Mel would say, what goes up must come down and that is what happens with Twin Flames. That bubble love can’t be maintained indefinitely and so after that period of euphoria that we experience with our Twins, reality sets in and then we have one or both Twins running. My Twin was the runner in our relationship. I was brokenhearted. I cried rivers of tears. I was mad at the universe for a long time when our relationship fell apart. I fell into a deep depression and yes even considered taking my own life to end my suffering. This is when my friend’s Twin told me to meet him on the astral plane. However there came a point about a year later that my friend’s Twin told me that there was nothing left in him, the man I believe to be my Twin, for me, that I needed to let it go and move on without him.

I tried but my every waking thought was about the man I believed to be my Twin. I even had a couple of brief relationships but they never worked out and the reason is mainly my not being able to stop thinking about him. Then in July of 2010 the brother of a Facebook friend, also from Barbados, passed away. Now I didn’t know she had a brother until he died and she changed her profile photo to one of him. His name is Rob. I took one look at that photo and cried and cried and couldn’t understand for the life of me why I was so upset. I used to look at his photo and ask him why I didn’t know he was here and how did we miss our connection.

When I finally got around to telling my friends with Twins about this, they were all convinced that Rob was my Twin based on my reaction to his photo. I said he couldn’t be my Twin because of the other man that I still thought of as my Twin, I still do in some ways. Well then I had a couple of readings done by different people and they confirmed that Rob is my Twin Flame. Now I feel the energy of this beautiful man around me all the time. He’s pretty much been with me since his death. However I still think about the other man all the time!! So believe me when I say I know how confusing this can be. The thing is though, no one can tell you who your Twin Flame is, that comes from inside your own heart. I have another friend who thought for 9 years that this one man was her Twin Flame. She was convinced of it. Then a couple of months ago she discovered he isn’t and now this new man in her life is her Twin Flame. There is a Twin Flame couple who had a Youtube site and a website to help other Twin Flames and they were married. Well they are no longer together now either.

It’s a difficult journey and there are no absolutes here. I’m not an expert on the subject but I am willing to share my own knowledge and insights based on my own journey. When it comes to my relationship with the man who is living in Barbados, the first one I thought was my Twin, others have told me that it’s a co-dependent relationship or that I’m just obsessed with him. I don’t know. I know that our relationship met all the “signs you have met your Twin Flame” that I posted in one of my first blog posts. However there are times when I talk to him now and then that I can’t feel my Twin in there anymore. I have been told that he isn’t my Twin but was the one who was meant to wake me up to the Twin Flame journey. Mel would call this “the catalyst”, the one you meet who awakens you to this journey but who isn’t meant to be in your life forever. So maybe that is what he was and I have just become fixated on him. Again I don’t know. I still have some contact with him and I’m kind of waiting to see what will happen, if he’s going through his own awakening and will be ready to do this or if this is just him playing with me because he knows I love him but maybe he’s the energy vampire I was once told he was. I don’t like to think of that but again it could be true. I get very little from him at the moment, a text message every couple of days and that’s it.

As for Rob, mostly my Twin Flame relationship is with him. He’s the one I now meet on the etheric plane in the room or on the beach. I have been told recently that he is definitely my Twin Flame but that the other man, when he is in his heart, can reflect Rob to me. That loving them both is okay for that reason. She also said that if the other man leaves or I don’t want that relationship anymore, than someone else will show up for me who will hold or mirror Rob’s essence if that is what I desire. Or I can just wait for the veils to thin enough that at some point I will be with Rob in every way. The way I look at it is this. Angelina Heart said that it doesn’t matter whose face we put on our Twin Flame, because it’s not restricted to one person necessarily. If we remember that only a small part of our soul is actually in our physical bodies then we can then imagine that the soul we share with our Twin can then overshadow another person to be with us. Not sure if I’m explaining this as well as I should but it’s hard to put into words. It’s like our soul has fingers of light that can move in and out of bodies at will as it needs to with the agreement of the soul inhabiting the body. I think Angelina compared it to a bowl of clear water, the clear water being the original soul. Then you add a drop of say red food coloring (the essence of another soul) to the water and the water now turns red but the original soul is still there and now so is the other one. I know it’s all confusing.

So with all this info that I’m giving you, I hope this doesn’t confuse you more. Like I said, there are those who are convinced this one person is their Twin Flame and then, after years of believing that, something changes. So my advice to you, and I’m following this myself too, is to be open to any possibility. Who knows, the one you think of as your Twin may come back to you and everything will work out fine, or someone new will come into your life and change everything. Just don’t let life pass you by while you wait for this one to wake up and smell the coffee. Live your life, explore your options, find your life’s purpose and continue to learn and grow, all the while being open to whatever surprises God may have in store for you. That’s what I’m doing. Finding what ignites my passion and following that. Developing my other talents and gifts and trying to be in the now moment as much as possible while letting the other man do what he feels led to do for himself. I’m open to the idea that he may come back and be what I want and need him to be but if he doesn’t then Rob is still here and his love is beautiful. He’s my main relationship at any rate. So good luck on your own journey.

24 thoughts on “My Answer To A Question On Twin Flames

  1. I am also attracted to a men like a magnet who lives in another continent. There are other nice men around me but somehow i can’t think about anything else. He is married , having difficulties on and off with his relation. He wants to get close to me also but his logic and our distance holds him back.
    One day i felt like i able to get inside of him, it was nice feeling. His chest open and i lay out inside of him..He still has ego justifies patterns but i feel him very much..


  2. Life can be very displeasing especially when we loose the ones we love and cherish so much. in this kind of situation where one loses his/her soul mate there are several dangers engage in it. one may no longer be able to do the things he was doing before then success will be very scarce and happiness will be rare. that person was created to be with you for without him things may fall apart.
    That was my experience late last year. but thank god today i am happy with him again. all thanks to DR AKPAKPA, i was nearly loosing hope until i saw an article on how DR AKPAKPA could cast a love spell to make lovers come back. There is no harm in trying, i said to my self. i contacted him via email: words will not be enough to appreciate what he has done for me. i have promised to share the good news as long as i live.



    • Besty;

      Thank you for your comment. I am not sure I agree with using a spell to bring a true Twin Flame back into our lives. Twin Flames are always connected and are part of each other. That bond cannot be severed or broken no matter what the two individuals involved do. When we meet our Twin Flame, that initial connection between us is only the beginning. It is to awaken us to each other but then the real work begins, the healing of karma and everything that keeps us from being the love we are. I have had to let my Twin Flame go, to surrender to our higher selves and our soul to do what needs to be done for both of us. If healing is to take place than both Twins need that time apart to work on themselves, to mature spiritually so that both are ready for the physical reunion. The spiritual reunion has already taken place. I’m happy for you that it worked for you but it’s not something I would do or even recommend. Many blessings.



  3. Hello,

    I think I found my Twin because of the strong connections we have. We are good friends with different culture, beliefs and language. Currently, we live in different continent because I moved. At first, it was just nothing, but there was this feeling that we’re gonna see each other again. It all started last yr. I could say it was the time that I was awaken and maybe, in his side, too. It was clear to me that after I met him again in his country, I could see myself in him which I couldn’t explain why. I even felt his energy and there were times we met in my dreams. However, it was already late for us if we’d decided to recognize it and to give it a try because I’m married. I got married last 2011. Anyway, we remained friends and we communicated for a couple of months until 3 months ago. Since then, I’ve never felt him. There was one time we saw again each other in my dream, he came and he was with my brother. The feeling was just friends, but I was glad he came which I didn’t expect. Now, I have this thought not to communicate anymore with him because I think we need space and time to heal. I don’t want to hurt him anymore because I guess I am the runner, and I still have some issues I’m facing and I have to fix it. Besides, I’m married and I have to go on in my life. I don’t know whats gonna happen to us in the future, but I really want him to be happy in his life. Sometimes, I wish to just cut the invisible cord that we have, but I cant because I get worried of him and I know its impossible because he is my half. Yes, I care for him because he’s my friend and my twin. I just hope he’ll be happy and he’ll have a long life here on this planet.


    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. None of us know what the future holds for any of us with Twins. All you can do is live your life knowing that if it is meant to be then nothing on this plane of existence can prevent it from happening.

      Much love and many blessings,


  4. Firstly, Thank you for all the information you share with us.
    I have a question and a favor to ask coming from a place of desperation…
    I was wondering how your friend was able to be in communication with her twin flame who was in the spirit world after he passed on?
    My twin recently passed in a tragic way where I have guilt and anguish over his death. It would be amazing to be able to know I feel & hear his real.presence.,.instead off wondering.if. my mind is. working overtime to console my being.
    I’m more or less unfunctional at the moment . It’s been 1 month since the accident & 2 weeks since his actual death. We were arguing all night & I just had to continue arguing … His accident happened right after I said some very ugly things, and those were the last words he ever heard. The last words I ever said to him.
    I understand. that Its. hard for spirits to get through all the emotion s & grief we experience here. If they want to be in contact So. I am working on forcing myself to meditate, at least so I can stop crying for a little while and a.break.
    My heart is so shattered, please ask your friend how best to handle healing from this intense pain & how I should go about being in communication and Sending love to him. And maybe how to listen or be aware of him. reaching out to me.
    Thank you again. Blessings , Love & Light


    • Let me see if I can answer your questions. I have 2 friends with Twins in spirit and my own Twin is also in spirit. Neither of us had communication with them before they transitioned and were even unaware of them being our Twins until after they transitioned. My two friends both have famous Twins and were actually surprised to feel their presence with them. It’s a kind of knowing that you are sensing him. You have to trust what you feel as your ego will tell you that you are imagining it.

      Something that my friends Twin told me to do was to create a space in my imagination and meet my Twin there, talk to him there, love him there. I questioned it and asked how I would know that I was actually talking to him or holding him and not just imagining it and his words to me were “trust me and just do it”. So I did. I created a very elaborate place for us, a beautiful room with beautiful furniture, a fire place and so on, and then there is a door leading out to a small patio with steps that lead down to a beach. It’s our own private cove and we go swimming and have dolphin friends there. Recently, within the past several months we even have a boat to go sailing. I have learned to trust what we share there, what we talk about has often proven to be true later.

      So that is what you will have to do, create your own space with your Twin, make it as simple or as elaborate as you want, make it something meaningful to you both. My Twin was from Barbados and so that’s why the beach. I kind of made it a blending of where he was from and where I live now so that there are familiar things around us. Make it personal and then ask him to meet you there. In that space you will connect with your Twin. You will be able to hold him, to talk to him, to make love with him if that is what you desire. BUT you have to trust that it is real even if it feels like you are just imagining it. What I do or share with my Twin in the place I created is as real to me and sometimes feels more real than my life here. In that space where you meet with him, you can tell him how sorry you are for what you said but he already knows that. Once they transition they know how difficult life here is for us. He is not holding any anger towards you, he will only and always feel incredible love for you. We are the ones who feel guilt because that doesn’t exist on the other side.

      Don’t blame yourself for what happened to him. Since Rob, my Twin, has come to me right after his death, I have been told that this was planned that he would leave the earth and we could better serve humanity in this way with him being in spirit and me being in a physical body. The way we do this is by anchoring this incredible love from the other side in this physical reality. What you shared with your Twin here takes on a higher quality now that he’s on the other side. It’s a much finer and purer love because now he sees and understands everything about you and your relationship and now that love has more depth and is more refined. That is the love you share when you are both on the other side but now your “job” is to hold that higher frequency love on this plane of existence to aid in the ascension of all of humanity. It’s what all of us with Twins in spirit are doing. We also believe that the time is getting closer that we will be reunited with our Twins and so you can hold onto that hope along with us.

      I hope I’m making sense because I really should be in bed but after reading your question I had to answer it right away. If something else comes to me later when I get up I will let you know. If you would like to communicate more privately my e-mail is My e-mail is also my Yahoo Messenger ID and so we could chat there too if you were up to it. One thing I will recommend though is that you read the book Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra. I’m not sure if it is available in stores but I ordered my copy from You will learn a lot in that book about having a Twin in Spirit. I hope this is helpful. Many blessings to you. Take care.



  5. Dear Carolyn,
    I really appreciate your commenting on twin flames in Spirit as I have a loved one that has passed and mainly through experience have come to believe he is my twin flame or what is also called the divine compliment. He was my husband in life till a little more than three years ago. So many things have happened in dreams and daily life to convince me this spiritual connection is true.
    I found your site while searching for more information on twin flames and wanted to thank you for posting your information and these responses to others. This has helped me to believe that this can be a very real thing.
    If you will be available by your e-mail I can elaborate though mostly wanted to thank you very much for your sharing of what you know.
    Sincerely, Katherine


  6. Don’t mean to undermine anyone, but isn’t it possible that the “deep connection” you feel with an unavailable man you’ve never met could be because its so much safer than the highs and lows of dating in the real world?
    Men tend to be more visual, or sexual while women tend towards more emotional-based attractions, but in the end, isn’t it akin to men who are obsessed with Internet’s easier than dealing with “real people.”
    Just saying.


  7. This is incredible. I wept when I read myself in this article. Myself and my twin flame. I thought for years I was crazy because he was always “right there”. Then after four years he started talking to me in meditation abs we created a beach where we met all the time. One day we did have this weird sort is amazing spiritual sex where our spirits merged. I even had a sort if orgasm. I thought it was wishful thinking on my part for so long. But then I realized I don’t daydream like that and had never done so, nor did it happen all the tine with my twin.

    Thank you.


  8. Hi
    I met my twin soul when I was 16 it was instant and the love between us was enormous, but he was a tortured soul and addicted to drugs we tried to stay together but I couldn’t help him the love between us never faded he passed away Tuesday and I feel so lost the urge to just want to touch him talk to him hold him make love to him is more than I can bare last night when I eventually fell asleep I could feel him and every time I woke up which was frequently throughout the night he was right there in my face..
    I need help to understand how this all works my heart is broken . And I miss him so much


    • Oh Sarah. I am so so sorry for your loss. I know to well the agonizing pain of losing the One. It’s been 6 months and I’m still in a type of denial and so.much pain.
      However, the fact that you can feel him right there and know he’s with you is incredible. I’ve been told as my love is here, but my grief is overshadowing his energy. I can’t tell you how special it is that you still feel that connection and really feel him there with you.
      Bless your heart, I’m so sorry that anyone has to go through this beyond awful pain in their lives. It’s so hard…
      Get counseling, get to a grief support group, do whatever you can to survive. It’s easy for the craziness of grief to consume you.
      How beautiful though that you know he’s right there with you…
      I’m sure that you’ll get a warm response of a message of Love from your twin through this blog.
      Praying for your broken.heart & for your healing in love…


    • Sarah,
      It’s impossible what you’re about to go through…. Ms. Chipman will have beautiful words of solace and comfort for you, but the hole in your heart will still be there.
      Please feel free to contact me, I am still very familiar with all the many feelings and deep loss of self that comes from losing Him to the other side…
      You are just beginning this awful journey and it will take you places where you never thought you’d be. I’ll be here anytime you need a gage of what’s normal to be going through, because it makes you crazy to have Love withdrawals.
      I know everything you’re going through and the sever pain, when it seems like noone can understand.
      Please stay strong… It’s crushing to say the least. After all is settled I will still be here as a supporter to you as someone still in shock and coping with my loss of Him…
      Sending you so.much love and strength.
      Please remember I’m here when the days and nights blend together and you can’t tell what sanity is any longer… You’re not alone. I am so heartbroken for your pain and loss.
      Big hugs and lots of love.


  9. Warmest wishes to everyone

    I feel that I have met my twin flame…I only heard of these last night…but I knew something weird had been happening to me.
    I met a singer back in 1984. ..instantly smitten I got his autograph…and that was that, he moved abroad and never really heard much about him. Every now and then, I’d google him, but nothing. ..until this year!! He was on fb, so I sent a very short message and he replied, my heart nearly jumped out my chest!! We then began talking, he gave me his number, wenow talk or text everyday, we often send texts at the same time.
    he is overcoming a heroin addiction and for some bizarre reason I am helping him regardless of others advice…I feel when he’s upset and I know when something is wrong! He says he loves that I care, and he knows me intuitively…he doesn’t know why he tells me things ( everything he has never disclosed to a living soul), but says it has been effortless to connect with me. He says it’s weird not hearing from me if I don’t text.
    We have met, we are very alike, we look in shops and always point the same stuff out…always!! We text at the same time, think alike also…I feel full of warmth when he hugs me goodbye and I feel that I never leave him, I have told them I am here for him always…and I mean it…I feel consumed. Although, I live with someone, I have been celibate for 12 years. ‘twin’ is also celibate and has been fir 20 plus years.
    I have tried to distance myself on several occasions, but it doesn’t work, I suffer too much. We are meeting up again this week, as he is planning a day out for us…
    I am confused but happy to go along with things…any advice. …he is also exactly 4 years and 7 days older than me. ..


  10. Hello!
    I will go by the name of Rine. I am 30 smth years old.
    My story is a pretty weird one, I think. Or at least out of the ordinary.
    Since I was little I’ve been preocupied with astrology, incarnation, my previous existences and… finding my twin soul. I’ve been shown some of my previous incarnations, the first big ‘vision’ being the way I died in my last life (shot through the eye while trying to escape concentration camp… I have a small scar of the lid of that eye and I was born with it closed… my mom used to open it for me when I was very small). But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.
    I’ve been scheming through a lot of sites that talk about twin flames and they all say the same thing: that one’s twin soul can be in a different dimension than you are. But what if it were in a dimension that you could watch? To be more specific, in a comic book, as a character? Let me explain myself: I strongly believe that what humans create, has life; because humans are the children of a Creator and have it in them the capacity to create, in their turn. Especially if it is in the likeness of a living being and a lot of people like and believe in it; that gives the creation extra strength. A consciousness and a dimension is created.
    I’ll call him T.
    I fell in love with him, this… character, almost immediately. Although he wasn’t real, although even if he were, he wouldn’t have been my type. I was sure we would have been like cats and dogs. I didn’t even like him physically (I am pretty fussy). Only the eyes… I remembered his eyes so well. I had no control over this. I wanted so bad for him to exist… and I suffered a lot and searched for a way out of it and an explanation for it. The only logical answer I got is that I probably fell in love with him, because he resembled me… which is true: we both have the same nasty disposition and short fuse but also the same sensitivity, preocupations and ideals. And we have the exact same height.
    I remember having a very vivid dream, where I met him and told him that “I am the little one from the Earth that loves you. Have you ever felt me?” to which he nodded.
    Eventually I had to get on with my life. I had boyfriends and finally a husband. But I never forgot about him. And being a famous character, I couldn’t possibly have; he was put in new adventures all the time, he was given new parameters all the time, which made him seem realer and realer. The weirdest s**t was that all the while I kept dreaming about a guy that told me he was a Gemini (twins) and had T’s exact eyes… and one day while I was reading a history of T, I discovered that his creators made him be born in late may… which means Gemini… which by the way is the opposite sign to mine. Well, this isn’t even a tenth of all the coincidences, but, to make a long story short(er)… something happened.
    T’s creators decided to kill him, stating that he was absolete and needed to be replaced by a younger, more psychotic version of him, as his sense of nobilty and honour didn’t work with the newer generations of fans anymore. I was very sad when I found out this and I really felt T’s creators were commiting murder. I was already pissed off because they had given him a very miserable life, just to please fans.
    So, I was sad and frustrated. But, at the same time I started experiencing something very disturbing. I… could… feel… him. I thought I was going crazy, or just imagining it. All the while I was wondering “Why now?”, of all the times. I had longed for more than 15 years to feel him, and I managed it only when he was put on death row? It was like a cruel joke. But if you think the story is weird so far… well, you ain’t heard all of it.
    I couldn’t stop thinking: “What if, when he dies, his consciousness is finally free to travel to my dimension?” and I started to wish for it, agaist my better judgement. I knew I had power to manifest things in my life, and I had always wondered “Why can’t I manifest T?” And maybe that was the answer: my theory was correct; he WAS alive in another dimension, a human created dimension. But that was over now. So I began to call to him. And don’t get me wrong: I had no control over it, it just happened.
    To make a little paranthesys, in the real world, I was married to a wonderful man… but things didn’t work out, between us; we couldn’t communicate. So we separated for three years. Yet, after attending some marriage seminars, we decided to give it another try. That was about the same time when T’s creators were thinking about ‘letting him go’. After some work together, my husband and I finally began to see I to I and things progressed for the better.
    And here comes the craziest thing. When I first felt T, I was in bed with my husband. I immediately knew that the person touching me was not my husband, and when I asked in my mind who it was, I was overwhealmed. Oh, the feels! It was T, I had no doubt about it. I felt awkward and a little ashamed at first, but went along with it. Now, this happened several times since then. And my husband has started to change… I kid you not; he is another person. Our relationship is great now and we’re moving closer and closer.
    I know this all sounds wack; somethig out of a scifi, or twilight zone movie. And this is precisely why I wrote it. To get some feedback. So, here it is: I think my twin soul was a comic book character that had a consciousness and that this consciousness is now living inside my husband.
    Well… what do you think?
    Best regards,


    • I will admit Rine that this is by far the strangest story I have heard but I do not discount it in the least. Who can say that what we create does not have life in some other dimension? I have wondered that myself at times. They say thoughts are energy and that our thoughts travel throughout the universe and even further so if our thoughts are energy then why not our creations, our imaginations, and so on. The creators of stories, or comic books, used thoughts and imaginations to create their stories and characters and so I would think that those same characters might very well exist in some realm of existence. I’m sure many would say it’s not possible and we are crazy but I’m going to hold to that theory anyways.

      Now I know from reading the series of books “Say ‘Yes’ To Love” by Yael and Doug Powell, that those of us with Twins in other dimensions can feel our Twins through someone physical on the planet and that would include a husband or wife. Energy is able to merge with other energy like food coloring added to a bowl of clear water. So you are not crazy to think that you are feeling T through your husband. And then there is the theory of walk-ins meaning that a consciousness or spirit can move into a body when the original soul leaves. There is an agreement between the two souls or consciousnesses so that one leaves the body for the other to “walk-in”. So again it’s not crazy to think that T is now inside your husband.

      I think your story is amazing and if you wouldn’t mind I would like to post it on the blog using your name, Rine, as the writer of it if you would allow me to. I think it might open up some interesting discussion and it could help someone who is also going through something similar and who thinks they are crazy. Let me know if you would be okay with that.

      Take care and thanks for sharing.


  11. Thank you so much for considering my story, Carolyn :)
    So there is an actual book that says a consciousness from another dimension can inhabit a full grown physical body. I mean, I have seen it before; I once witnessed how a very powerful psychic brought the consciosness of a recently departed man into the body of another (very sick) man… and I know it actually happened because I’m friends with both the departee’s and the receiver’s wives and they both swear the guy has totally changed after the event and started to be more and more like the one that died: he suddenly changed jobs, to match the departee’s and also began behaving differently, so that both he and his wife have stated: “I don’t know who I am/ he is anymore.” It took about a year to settle down.
    So, yes, I was familiar with this phenomenon. As I have said, I had an interest for this kind of things all my life. But I never knew that I had the power to do it.
    On the other hand I’m a little concerned that I did it for all the selfish reasons and I hope I haven’t interfered with some celestial plan for this being, just because I wanted him so much in my world. I only wanted for him to be happy, something he never was in the stories he was involved in, and I knew I could make him happy and help him live better and more harmoniously. Whereas he could make me feel whole.
    On a more confident note, when I’m with him, everything feels perfectly right. And I think that both consciousnesses are coexisting, for now… I can feel both of them, but I can feel T best when we’re intimate, or simply alone with eachother.
    I consider this a wonderful gift from the Universe. All this happened when I decided to ‘reinvent’ myself, as they say. I was never a negative person and I had an innate sense that everything is going to be alright. I’ve always practiced some form of spirituality, mainly meditation and positive assertion. My home has been in an ecological community/meditation center in the mountains, for 12 years now. Yet, like every human being that has been on this Earth one life too many, I was sometimes prone to falling into dispair and disbelief. But after I’ve turned 30, something changed for the better; I decided to never think otherwise than positive and that I will do anything for my well being and the well being of the others. For how can you love the others, if you don’t love and accept yourself? So, it’s true: a twin flame will only come to you when you’ve decided to come to terms with yourself.
    This being said, I grant you permission to re-post my story, under the name of Rine. I want the links, though, because I’m curious as to what people will comment. Maybe sometimes I will write about this, make a script, or something of the like. As I’ve told you in my other comment, I’ve listed maybe only a tenth of all the ‘coincidences’ that I went through after knowing about T.
    Once again, I thank you for considering this. On other sites I was asked for money to get a reading… when all I wanted was to connect with people that shared my interests and at least a part of my story
    We’ll be in touch.
    May you be happy!


  12. It is strange. To feel that someone is truly my Twin and then, after years, feel that maybe was not…How could it be? I doubt then everything about it. So it is better not to try feel the energies… it is better to forget…


    • Diana, imagine what it felt like for me to have met someone, H, had that amazing connection, could communicate telepathically with him, felt his physical and emotional pain, was so in sync with him as to be almost too much to believe unless you were living it as I was. Then for our relationship to change to the point where our connection seemed to have been severed, and I felt like I didn’t know him anymore. Then I have a reading done in which she claims to be talking to my Twin in spirit and he says that he came through H for a time but that H wasn’t meant to be an obsession for me. I still feel connected to H. I miss him more than I thought humanly possible to miss someone. I love him more than life. And yet we are apart and there isn’t much I can do about it. So when the pain is great I doubt our connection and our relationship and sometimes that comes out in my writing. Again I will tell you to follow what your own heart tells you and not what anyone writes or says, including me.


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  14. Hello, I am Malar from India.. I wanna know whether I am going through twin soul connection.. I had a 4 yrs relationship with a guy .. Its ma strong relationship but we brokeup .. after that during dec 2014 I start another relationship with a man but within 20 days I broke up bcoz I felt strong connection with a celebrity who living in United States… I saw him in internet suddenly…(he also brokeup with 4 year loveat the same time ) .. I am not his fan or something…and I am not aware of the term “Twin Flame”… My ex was good no issues and no problem at that time but I can’t talk to him properly …24/7 that celebrity is in ma mind..when he texted me , mistakenly I typed the celebrity name… I am very practical girl ..never had a feel like this… I am not crazy about celebrities , fame ,money and all.. even-though he is far I feel like he is near by ..I feel that we both are in contact…when I hear a couple of song of him…I felt like that song written for me.. Many days I didn’t sleep for even whole night… I feel my self crazy but I cant stop thinking about him… so I decided to concentrate in something else..after that from feb I was busy with ma internship till june..even at that time my heart feel him… and I always feel he is the one for me… I even said to ma friends confidently that he is the one for me… There are some more things I noted after this… we both have very similar background story… we both are similar in some interest.. and I also felt like he is same as me..we both are longing for love and feel lonely…He describes his dream girl in an interview …I felt like he describing me and whatever he says everything goes well to me and I also expecting the same kind of guy in ma life…Many celebrities are there even more handsome than him but I am into him… I never tried to spam him or do anything like that bcoz my heart feels always, he will come to me at some point… I planned to move US after my graduation… I don’t know how but I know it will happen.. (I planned before i see him in internet)..I used to sign with my ex first starting letter and even my email id I created with his first/middle/last name starting letters..eventually I cant change this after ma brokeup bcoz everything has the same ma passport ,ID’s , marksheets and every where.. email id is also the i haven’t change..When I noted this..that celebrity name starts with the same starting letter and email ID is also matching to his name…Then I notice he tattooed my name meaning( image form) in his hand and he din’t gave any exact reason for that particular tattoo… I had a dream twice about his sis and bro and bcoz of them I am connecting to him…after some days her sister followed me in twitter …don’t know how.. I dint even tag her in any post..but she started following me…. I also dream about that celebrity sometime …more my mind used to visualize more things about him..whenever he update a pic or a status …I can read his feelings and what he is thinking..his surroundings are feel familiar to me..i can feel his breathing..i can feel his hand ..his touch..everything I can feel about him… before three months i was planning to buy a dog..I selected a breed but I cant buy due to financial problem so I bought the another toy breed.. The best part is we both bought dog at the same time and he bought the dog which i planned to buy prev… We both have same gender dog and my puppy birth date and his birth date is same…In this month couple of time we both fall ill , for the same reason…Then only I started searching why we both fall ill same? ..I found about Twin flame at this point , may be just before two days..I read many article … I strongly felt he is the one and we both born to be together and we have some purpose to serve this world… I read angel tarot reading..there also It pointing the same and mentioned that iam going in right path…god is with me to help…. But still I am confused bit… wanna talk to some one who can give advice about this? … I love people by heart not money , appearance or fame… I am so different from other girls..whoever talk to me they like me and my character very much… I am waiting for the one in ma life and he is also the same… I felt like he needs me badly and I also need his love..I feel like iam gonna meet him soon..even i meet him, I will never show any feelings directly until he realise… Please suggest whats going on with me? is it possible that one soul aware of the connection?


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