Signs and symptoms of awakened Twin Flames

As usual I am always looking for information on Twin Flames and I listened to this video some time ago but thought it would make for interesting reading for some of you out there. I have typed up these “Signs and Symptoms” from the video for those who would find it faster to read than to watch. I will include the video link at the end for those who would rather watch than read.

I want to remind those of you who are in a relationship with your Twin Flame but are not physically together yet, this list is for those who are already reunited and have been together for a time. For those of us still not reunited, and I include myself here, this is what we can look forward to in the future with our Twin Flames.

One more comment that I would like to make here is regarding #14 on this list. Mel says that a set of Twin Flames will always incarnate together, not necessarily in the same dimension or reality, but when one leaves home they both leave home. I know of one couple at least where this is not the case. She is in communication with her Twin Flame who is in spirit and they have a “sexual relationship” so if this is not her Twin Flame but a guide… well let’s just say I do believe it’s her Twin Flame. Here is the name of the book she wrote if you are interested in reading it: Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story Of ShanaPra and the link of where to find it: ( I have read this book twice myself and I believe in my heart that Pra is Shanna’s Twin Flame.



Signs and symptoms of awakened Twin Flames:

1) Awakened Twin Flames have fully incarnated their Higher Self and are aware that they have only one Higher Self between the two of them. Soul Mates however are each individual souls and each have a Higher Self.

2) Awakened Twin Flames with one Higher Self have a direct connect or channel with their Over Self or the Creator Source. They don’t feel the need to connect with Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings or Extraterrestrials because the direct connect is an automatic frequency that is from the Christ Consciousness.

3) Fully awakened and fused Twin Flames are fully aware of their previously planned and selected incarnations for the development of their personal skills, character and intuitive faculties for their mission in this particular lifetime.

4) Awakened and fused Twin Flames are the embodiment, the physical embodiment, in male and female form, and are manifest in this physical reality in the body, mind, spirit application. Twin Flames manifest at all levels, body, mind and spirit and they do it in a masculine and feminine form.

5) Awakened and fused Twin Flames via the Over Soul create in different time lines and different realities life form energy beings called essence selves, alternate lives, soul extensions. When a fused pair of Twin Flames have reached a state of spiritual maturity, an integration of the energetic forms of these soul extensions will integrate with their physical body. After a period of time when the mental and emotional faculties of a pair of Twin Flames have reached a certain stability, they will have conscious awareness of the knowledge, experience and the lifetimes of the particular soul extensions. This is not a new phenomena on the planet. This particular template was presented by Jesus and Mary Magdalene as a template 2000 years ago.

6) Awakened and Fused Twin Flames will be able to accelerate their growth and ascension of the etheric body through the guidance and knowledge of their Over Soul, not only in themselves but the etheric body of other people.

7) Awakened and Fused Twin Flames function from a 12 chakra system NOT a 7 chakra system. A 7 chakra system is the old template that held the physical body at a certain vibration. The 7 chakra system is more pertinent to a relationship as Twin Flames moving into the 12 chakra system are more mission oriented based and multi-dimensional. The 12 chakra system is where humanity is going to be evolving now or in the conceivable future as a multi-dimensional being. The 7 chakra system is beginning to disintegrate and fall apart.

8) Awakened and Fused Twin Flames have fully purged and cleansed the etheric body and the expression “karma”, that is pertinent to Twin Flame information that is presented by some Twin Flames and other spiritual teachers, does not exist and cannot exist in a Twin Flame union. In other words, Twin Flames who preach karma create karma.

9) Awakened and fused Twin Flames have a fully functional etheric body meridian system and are fully aware of how to modulate the frequencies of energies of the planetary line up through this meridian system. This is new information here. At this level, Twin Flames are more sensitive to their bodily functions so they will be tapped into areas that – let’s say that a new pair of Twin Flames or Soul Mates, it’s a different comparison – you are tapped into the etheric energy, you are tapped into the Mother Earth energy, it’s from a much deeper perception and the chakras are more wide open and you are accessing the grid lines of Mother Earth. Twin Flames at this level don’t experience what is called “New Energy” such as the 10-10, 11-11, 12-12 and so on. They are constantly aware of the frequencies and changes involved, we do not experience it as new energy.

At the present time on Planet Earth, give or take one or two, there 280 sets of fully awakened and fused Twin Flames. Most of these are not even aware that they are Twin Flames and are secretly or unobtrusively doing their work in many different segments of society. Hundreds of others in the new generations coming up in their twenties and thirties are getting caught up in belief systems and patterns that originate only here in this reality and this is one of the reasons why we are presenting this information at this particular point in time. Some of the old information on Twin Flames is in serious need of a face-lift because it’s been there for the last 20 or 30 years and there isn’t any new information in regards to Twin Flames.

With this particular issue, you are purging patterns and vibrations, it has nothing to do with Karma. You are here to actually accelerate your soul extensions, and as your soul extensions are coming in, they have impediments that you will be working with and cleansing through which have nothing to do with Karma. A lot of Twin Flames say they have all these problems and issues and we’re working through our Karma, well no you’re not. You’ve been given all the skills and abilities which are actually downloaded within the Higher Self which you have automatic access to and you don’t need Ascended Masters and teachers to access, you have automatic direct connect. And as soon as you realize that, soul extensions start coming in and you will have access to purging and cleansing those patterns and vibrations which again have nothing to do with Karma. You need to do this so that the soul extensions, or the information that is downloaded within them of their skills and abilities, can be activated within your 12 chakra system.

10) Awakened and fused Twin Flames are masters of their sexual energy. They are able consciously to move and circulate, and there are many other people who can do this, they don’t necessarily have to be Twin Flames, but it is important for Twin Flames to be able to do this, to move and circulate through all of the bodies, not just the physical, but the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the energy body, sexual energy into a co-creative abilities and manifest. They are not ruled by their sexual energy and this is a most important part. Although they can get caught up in the vibration of the sexual energy.

11) Awakened and fused Twin Flames have one energy field or energy body, it is shared. Contained within that energy field is a figure 8 like pattern of energy, or the infinity symbol, to both of them. This is easily seen by any reasonably good clairvoyant. If this figure 8 or infinity symbol is not visible in one or both individuals who say they are Twin Flames, they are not. This is one of the most easily recognized symbols in a Twin Flame union.

12) Awakened and fused Twin Flames are not triggered by the energetic imprints in their etheric body. Therefore they are relatively free from emotional triggers in life’s experience. As such the emotional body, which is a vast reservoir of energy, can be used for higher spiritual growth. The etheric body is the programming or the energetic imprints of the individual. The emotional body, which as mentioned, is a vast reservoir of potential energy, is the gas tank or fuel in the simplest of terms. As such, awakened Twin Flames have in general a clear and radiant energy field, or aura, which will usually contain a golden silvery hue to it with vibrant bursts of pink also.

I want to elaborate on this particular sign and symptom of awakened Twin Flames, because in truth what many are experiencing in regards to what some call unconditional love is emotional stimulus. I would like to give an example, probably on either side of this on Youtube, you will probably find videos, very nice creative endeavors, about Twin Flames that evoke an emotional response in individuals and they are very titillating, very entertaining and usually will give the person a rush. They like to make comments about how they like these types of videos. What they are doing is they are triggering an emotional response or a frequency of emotional love, not Soul Mate love or Twin Flame love, so therefore what happens is individuals get locked into this stimulus because they can’t discern. Which is the old program of the old 7 chakra system and the experience of emotional love which these videos trigger. Not to say they are not creative, they are, and not to say they are not stimulating, they are that too. So therefore when you get to this point when you are listening to this video, if you are at the point where you want entertainment, you are probably bored to tears by now, because if you are looking for information this is the type of video that will be very beneficial to you.

13) Nicole and I are very excited about this last sign and symptom of awakened Twin Flames because it’s here that we’re starting to realize that the potential of humanity and the emotional body, which is the end result of the programming in the etheric body, we’re now going through a massive transformation on the planet in regards to the etheric body which in time will begin to clear up the emotional triggers or the responses that most people live by. Most people live and breathe and experience life emotionally as an emotional experience. As a species we will do that in the future but we won’t be dictated to by the etheric body imprints or the programming of the old, just to give you a rough idea. This is where Nicole and I are getting download after download of information on this particular concept. We’re going to open it up relatively slowly so that people don’t feel overwhelmed.

14) One more sign and symptom of an awakened and fused set of Twin Flames, because in truth the confusion that goes on here on the planet in regards to Twin Flames and I think everyone knows Nicole and my feeling that there are a lot of people using the phrase Twin Flames to market and promote themselves, their business as a moneymaker, and one of the things that we do know for a fact, and I will emphasize this point, when a one soul being splits to become two, one part does not enter into physical incarnation and the other part stay in the spiritual realm. What happens is Twin Flames are in a perpetual state of growth that is planned and arranged, different timelines, different incarnations, different realities, when one goes, both go. They may not come into this physical reality but they will incarnate in physical reality, or a different reality or a different timeline. The illusion that one remains in the spiritual realm, is an illusion that has been created here on the planet by individuals who think or assume that they are in contact with their Twin Flame in the spiritual realm when in fact they are probably in contact with a guide or a teacher, they have a belief system deeply ingrained within their etheric body that they have to be in connection with their Twin Flame. I wanted to just emphasize that point.

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3 thoughts on “Signs and symptoms of awakened Twin Flames

  1. It’s a lot of funny info out there on this. We were together and bonded before we ever knew the tag “twin flame”. It’s absolutely not true that we go together. My husband/twin was much much older than me. He died 20 years ago. Doesn’t mean he’s not my twin and not my husband but what you’ll understand is that both are the embodiment of both. We often switch off actively being in the world while the other supports. My husband was a very important man to millions. He needed me behind the scenes. Now the opposite is true. It’s our work. Also, twin flames don’t run from each other the way people say: you meet your twin you’re set. Also it’s not an excuse for a sexual relationship with self. Twin Flames make love very very differently and are alchemically hitched. Look at tantric art for that understanding. Don’t seek your twin. The more you do the longer it takes. Seek yourself. You’re twin is you.


  2. Again, neat idea the fused pink auras. It’s not dualistic. You get your twin when you’re enlightened to seeing the ground of reality, your true nature and how fuslistic thinking creates cause for karmic manifestation. You don’t share a field. There’s only one field. It’s everyone’s field. You’re literally inside each other. Your energy is the same source. It’s way simpler than all of this stuff. I don’t know if I have a very clear aura but I sure bet my life I have my twin. There’s truly no worry. Ever. Peace.


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